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The first (In)formative Capsule of R2Online will be launched on May 21st!

Escrito por Ruth Alonso el 15 de mayo 2013

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Do you still do not know what are the (In)formative Capsules?

banner_suscripcion_engThe (In)formative Capsules are short articles developed by R2Online. Anyone can subscribe to them in order to receive twice a month, on the first and third Tuesday, interesting tips to make quality online surveys. These (In)formative Capsules will arrive to your mailbox and there will be a link to download them in PDF format.

There are 15 (In)formative Capsules in total and once all of them have been sent, the subscribers will have the opportunity will have the opportunity to take a self-assessment test.

In the end, an online attendance certificate stamped by Netquest will be sent to those who have tested themselves.certificado_ENG

In addition, you will be able to choose the language in which you prefer to receive the Capsules and learn what to bear in mind to make quality questionnaires.

EnglishEspañolPortuguês (BR)

Finally, we suggest you to join the R2Online LinkedIn group. In this group, Market Research professionals will have the chance to discuss about the different methodologies to improve the reliability and representativeness of samples by learning how to avoid potential response bias.

Join us and become an expert in quality online surveys!

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Any research is now possible!

Escrito por Ruth Alonso el 5 de abril 2013

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Using our new Specialized Online Panels any study is now possible!

At Netquest we want to introduce you our new specialized online panels. Now, we can offer you the target you have always been looking for.


We have thousands of profiles already identified and ready to participate in your research projects. So far this year, we have achieved more than 470,000 participations in our Latin American, Spain and Portugal profiling modules, and only in Spain we have accomplished over 150,000 participations. These figures show that we are really concerned about the continuous profiling as we think this is so important in order to reach the specific wanted target.

Thanks to our unique Continuous Profiling system we can offer you competitive rates in any difficult project. There are so many profiles that we have already identified, however if the one you need is not yet identified, we will identify it for your project.

Netquest Specialized Online Panels:

Mums – Insurances – Media – Gambling – Sports – Household facilities – B2B – Pets – Cosmetic – Automotive – Mobile – Healthcare -Caregivers, OTC, Patients – Housing – Banks- Drinks – Travellers – Social Media – Retail – Immigrants – Electronics

In addition, we invite you to get the latest news on Netquest Specialized Panels by e-mail!

If you need further information you can send an e-mail to:

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Insight Innovation Exchange LATAM 2013 was a success!

Escrito por Ruth Alonso el 27 de marzo 2013

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IIeX LatAm, celebrated on March 25th and 26th, had a lot of rave reviews and adding all them up we get to the conclusion that… It was very successful! As we said in an older post “The innovation in market research is located in São Paulo” and during those two days we could realize that it was absolutely true.

The different speakers introduced and approached their experiences, discoveries and new products and strategies to the attendees. Furthermore, we would like to highlight some interesting papers such as the one from Ian Pierpoint, President and Founder of The Sound Research, who introduced the “Generation Edge”. Pierpoint talked about how this generation is maturing in a collapsed world with an uncertain future. To summarize “Millennials grew up believing they were going to be the next billionaire or social media founder. Whereas, the world Gen-Edge is growing up in … well, let’s just say optimism is in short supply”.

In addition, we found so refreshing Adriana Sousa’s speech. Adriana is LatAm Media and Digital Director of Millward Brown and she made the audience think about mobile advertising and the fact whether researchers are getting the most out of it or not. She said “Mobile clearly represents a huge and growing marketing opportunity, but how should brands best take advantage of it?”. She concluded that nowadays mobile marketing is more effective than online advertising supported by case studies from Latina America and across the world.


Moreover, we would like to stress Natalia Gitelman’s presentation named “The Clasik and Ludik surveys: similar yet different”. Gitelman is Managing Partner at Datos Claros and she talked about the classical online surveys as well as those which add some type of gamification. She also presented a case study from Lucchetti, a pasta brand.

And last but not least, we want to emphasize the participation of Bruno Paro, Managing Director of Netquest Brazil. Bruno in collaboration with Fernando Diniz, Head of Strategic Planning at digital agency, talked about the importance of the insights when a respondent is answering a survey saying that “researchers and marketers often face the challenge of not having qualitative data available in as short a time as possible”. They introduced to the market research professionals a solution called VideoSurvey, foregrounding its technical and methodological basis and presenting a real case conducted in the digital agency This new service can break down the boundaries between qualitative and quantitative research by combining both methodologies’ strengths. In the following presentation you can find all the information available.

In conclusion, they were a couple of fantastic days to interact with researchers from Latin America and to get to know how the innovation in market research is evolving there, being Brazil one of the countries ahead in the region.

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AIMRI Conference in Barcelona

Escrito por Ruth Alonso el 12 de marzo 2013

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AIMRI Conference, Barcelona: “Getting ahead in the battle for global growth”

Friday 8th March 2013

aimriStarting the day with a distended coffee at 9:30 in the hotel NHCalderon situated in the heart of Barcelona, close to Catalunya’s Square. The delegates arriving and everything was ready to an interesting AIMRI meeting called “Getting ahead in the battle for global growth”.

Conference Chairman Michael Stanat, coming from the USA, welcomed the 20 delegates to the conference and introduced the first lecturer Marta Llobet. Llobet has a wide experience working for different market research companies such as TNS UK and Millward Brown, and is now working for Estudio Silvia Roca (ESR).

Her presentation was about the importance of “Taking the global view” and she focused it on the region of Latin America. Moreover, she added some interesting facts about countries in the region such as: Peru is one of the leading countries in the fishing industry, Colombia supplies 90% of the world production of emeralds, the first World Cup was win and hosted by Uruguay… And so, she said that we do not have to assume similarities in between those 19 countries that compose South America. Marta presented Mexico and Brazil as the two most relevant Latin America countries in the Market Research industry, detailing that they are in the 12th and 8th places of international research markets, respectively.

In addition, she explained some peculiarities about Mexico and Brazil. On one hand she said, Mexican people are very concerned about security and that’s why up to 70% of respondents fail when answering about personal information (post address or telephone number. Another relevant fact is about the cell phone penetration in the country, which is really high however it stills expensive. Apparently, only 17% of the total Mexican population are able to log on.

On the other hand, Brazilian people are optimistic, love to feel important and think high incentives are needed. With them only shorts surveys should be conducted (no more than 20 minutes long) and a researcher can easily get useful information and access to many different sectors of population.


Next presentation came from Catherine Delcin’s hand, who is Managing Director of Delcin Consulting Group headquartered in San Francisco. Catherine, explained the importance of Life Sciences sector which includes Pharma, Biotech and Med Device and added that last year Life Science firms spent 30% of their annual income on legal settlements. The main industry trend in this area is the rising demands for new drugs in Asia Pacific and Latin America, where there are emerging clusters. The research opportunities in this business area are: the geographical expansion, the topical growth such as oncology and HIV, the industry clusters (emerging VS mature markets) and the workforce development.

At last, but not least, Catherine extoled that we cannot forget that “the key industry player is the Navigant”. And she added a quote from the writer Stephen Covey which says “Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success: leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall”.

The following lecturer was Michael Stanat, the Conference Chairman, who is Global Research Executive at SIS International Research (Asia Pacific) and an expert in China’s market as we can deduce from his authorship of the book called “China’s Generation Y: Understanding the Future Leaders of the World’s Next Superpower”. Stanat started his speech, called “Global transformation: how research can meet the needs of a rising Asia”, with China’s most important facts and trends: the world’s 2nd largest economy, the emergence of the middle class, the reduced growth, the new emphasis on consumption, the growth of 18% in the luxury market… He emphasized the opportunity in China’s e-commerce as it is increasing thanks to the Internet penetration; it is the world’stanats biggest smartphone country, the social media is in right now and there exists a consumer loyalty.

However, there are still difficult challenges to go through in this Asia country. The economy is improving, but its evolution is slow. There are cultural and traditional norms which are real barriers for market researchers. And there exist many HR hurdles such as: intellectual property, ageing society, domestic competition…

In conclusion, China’s economy is in transition, with increased development. In the end, Michael cited a Chinese proverb “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.

Lecturer Joaquim Bretcha, Sales Director Europe at Netquest, came after Stanat. Bretcha started working in the mass consumer sector (Carrefour, Auchan and Aecoc) and later on he developed his professional career in market research companies such as TNS and Synovate. His presentation “Keys for a real takeoff for online research in LATAM”, was focused on the Latin America region and he introduced it saying that Brazil is this region, in terms of market research, equivalent to Italy in Europe, as the Portuguese speaking country has more than the 40% of the total amount of market research industry in the Latin countries. Mexico is equivalent to Sweeden, covering the 20% of the industry and Colombia to Turkey, which is in the 3rd position in the ranking followed by Argentina.  Despite these positive facts, there is a huge challenge in this region which is: online market research. In order, Argentina (66,4%), Colombia (59,5%), Chile (58,6%) and Brazil (45,6%) are the top four countries in terms of Internet penetration in the last year. Internet is getting slowly to the region but online market research is not advancing simultaneously.

All of this leads to a kind of “the chicke or the egg causality dilemma”: no panel means no local demand, no local demand means no panel. Foreign online-experienced researchers are currently demanding online sample in Latin America but, without higher local demand, Latin American panels cannot deliver hard-to-reach targets. Bretcha then revealed the four things that could break the current dynamic: tackling the “social class” problem recruiting low social class population, mixing bretchamethodologies, invest in growing the panel to promote demand later and taking advantage in the definitive takeoff of mobile Internet (solving at the same time the lower class access to internet).

His ending was to get to these different countries through local knowledge, because Latin America is a region but not as “uniform” as we think so a deep knowledge about the region is needed.

After Netquest exposition lecturers gathered in the hotel’s dining room to have lunch and exchange opinions about the industry.

At three o’clock they returned to the saloon to listen to Sola Akinnagbe, Group Managing Director at Market Research Consultancy Ltd. Lagos. The Nigeria’s expert started his speech joking about Africa and saying it was not a country. He added that the 7,8% of the world’s Internet users are African people, where the top Internet countries are: Nigeria (45% ), Egypt (21%) and Morocco (15,6%). Afterwards, Sola make his considerations about the Nigeria consumer: the 86% of Nigeria population (120,000,000 people) are in low social class, 60-65% are rural population and nearly 51% do not have daily access to TV.

All of these facts shape the habits and trends in the country, where shopping behavior is more concerned about volume than quality, and the consumers will search for acceptable quality at a reasonable price taking advice from the retailer. Nigerian people like to chat and gossip with neighbors, love to enjoy social gatherings and follow the recommendations of opinion leaders. They are very religious too and respect opinions of the religious leaders.

The major challenges in the African country are: cultural differences (religion, ethnicities, traditions, gender equalities and marriage…) diversity of languages (4 languages in South Aneruca, 7 in Zambia, 8 in Kenya…), infrastructural ways of communication, environmental hitches… The current situation though is that face-to-face (CATI) surveys have already started to take place, printing suvryes it too expensive and there are lots of difficulties in making surveys on phone due to a lack of lines.

Finishing with the last presentation called “Respondents are people too!” by the hand of Nik Harta Director at Opinion Matters coming from the UK. Nik began his presentation talking about the importance of the technology as it has allowed human to cross borders. Moreover, he said that we are now facing another culture change, as the technology brings to: saving time and money, more choices, broadcast our opinions… In the EU there is a 57% of smartphone penetration, which is increasing speedily.

As respondents we used to go to the market researchers, but now they come to us. Nowadays, respondents (consumers) have the power and that is why we ask for instant access, positive experience, customer service and instant engagement. In fact, we are creatures of habits as we always re-visit the same 5 or 6 websites and we are so “predictable” even when evolving.

Harta, added that as the phone companies puzzle over their future business model, pollsters are starting to wonder about their own ability to continue in a world without landlines. He also said it was so relevant to look for different ways to engage the audience through hobbies, sports, news, socializing and creating a tone and style to match your target audience. Nic Harta concluded his speech with a last consideration “Don’t be afraid to innovate and try new things, ensure it works and hope the audience has enjoyed the experience, leave them a reason to return and say thank you”.

After this last session, lecturers could have a break followed by the open council meeting presented by John Mackay which headed to an open discussion. To end with, all the lecturers were invited to the gala dinner in a local restaurant in Barcelona enjoying the charming weather.

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Netquest at the Insight Show 2012- #F306

Escrito por Lucía Brotons el 25 de junio 2012

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Insight Show. Join us at the Insight Show. Marketing Week Live 2012


Netquest will be glad to meet you at the next Insight Show Event, to be held next week in London (27th and 28th June).

Netquest is the leading online fieldwork provider in Latin America, Spain and Portugal counting with local offices in Spain, Brazil and Mexico. Renowned by the quality of its Consumer Panels Netquest has recently been certificated with the ISO 26362 Panel Management Quality Certificate. Joaquim Bretcha,  Sales Director Europe and Asia at Netquest, will be pleased to personally introduce you to our latest developed and deepest profiled panel, Brazil:


home 9.820 Mother (children under 18 years old) – ISO DATA

internet 14.498 Car Owners – ISO DATA

retail 5.772 Banking Profile – ISO DATA

business 6.003 Health Information – ISO DATA


* Need difficult targets? Thanks to our profiling modules, we can add information to the basic profile of our panel members and quickly and effectively access to those difficult targets you need for your studies.

* Need a specific profile? We can create specific modules in a very short lapse of time.


If you are attending this year’s Insight Show, it will be a magnificent opportunity to get to know each other, learn more about your needs and establish a possible partnership. Indeed, we have some nice surprises for you at our booth F306, on the way to the coffee area. Join us at the Networking party on Wednesday 27th. Netquest will be sponsoring The Research Club party at the nearby Albion Pub. Come and share with us a refreshing Networking & Research night.

We are looking forward to meet you in London!

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The Market Research Event

Escrito por Raul Paramo el 2 de noviembre 2010

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I will be at The Market Research Event on Nov. 8 - 10, 2010 in San Diego, CA!I was told that in the States everything was big, but I never imagined that an event could create as many expectations. The “The Market Research Event” (TMRE) to be held in San Diego next week promises to be one of the most important events in the industry, bigger than what we are accustomed in Europe, I think.
It will be the first time for Netquest and hope a good opportunity to find new business opportunities for companies who are doing or planning to do online research in Latin America.

If you will be attending and would like to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives, please contact us. Hope to see you there!

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Netquest launches new panels in Latin America

Escrito por Raul Paramo el 30 de agosto 2010

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Online research panels in Spain, portugal, mexico, brazil and latin americaWe announced last week our expansion in Latin America with new online panels in 17 countries.
In the last months we have created online panels for market researchers in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uruguay.

Following our quality standards, our panels have been recruited “by invitation only”, based on agreements with a wide range of local and regional websites and social networks. By closing the registration process, we have a secure and fraud-proof system which avoids professionals and duplicates from the very beginning of the process.(Would like to try it? Try to register in our panellist website:

The total number of panellists in the region together with Spain, Portugal, Mexico and Brazil is over 300,000 and our response rates vary between 45% and 65%.

Together with sampling services in the latino region, we also offer advanced survey scripting and hosting services with in-house developed survey technology.

Germán Loewe, our CEO states: “We are totally committed to providing scientific and representative online sampling in Latin America and Iberia, developing quality panels with local teams and working for market researchers worldwide.
Apart from having offices in Madrid and Barcelona, we opened offices in Mexico (2008) and Brazil (2010) and are now planning to open a new office in the Southern Cone.

For further information on panel quality, download our latest Esomar 26 questions here or contact our team.

Read this news also in MRWeb and Research Live.

Netquest anuncia el lanzamiento de nuevos paneles en América Latina

paneles online en america latina españa y portugalLa semana pasada anunciamos el lanzamiento de nuevos paneles online en 17 países de América Latina. En los últimos meses hemos creado paneles online para los investigadores de mercado en Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Perú, Venezuela, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana y Uruguay .

A raíz de nuestros estándares de calidad, nuestros paneles han sido creados con nuestro método “sólo por invitación” únicamente, sobre la base de acuerdos con una amplia gama de sitios web locales y regionales y a través de redes sociales. El registro es cerrado por lo que contamos con un sistema a prueba de fraude seguro y que evita los profesionales y los duplicados desde el inicio del proceso. (¿Quieres probarlo? Intenta registrarte en nuestra página web panelista:

El número total de participantes en la región junto con España, Portugal, México y Brasil es más de 300.000 y nuestras tasas de respuesta varían entre 45% y 65%.

Además de los servicios de muestreo en la región latina, también ofrecemos servicios avanzados de programación y hosting de encuestas online con tecnología propia.

Germán Loewe, nuestro director general indica: “Mantenemos un fuerte compromiso con el investigador de mercados: le proporcionamos muestras científicas y representativas de población gracias a la alta calidad de los paneles online con los que contamos”.
Además de tener oficinas en Madrid y Barcelona, hemos abierto oficinas en México (2008) y Brasil (2010) y ahora estamos planeando abrir una nueva oficina en el Cono Sur.

Para más información sobre la calidad del panel, descarga las 26 preguntas de ESOMAR o contacta con nuestro equipo.

Leer esta noticia y también en MRWeb y Research Live

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ESOMAR World Congress – Odyssey 2010

Escrito por Raul Paramo el 17 de agosto 2010

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Netquest will be exhibiting at the Esomar World Congress in Greece next month. This is the world most relevant market research conference and it will be the place where we will show our latest online panels in Latin AmericaVisit us at stand 37!

Some of the most interesting speeches include:

Exhibiting floorplan:

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Netquest collaborates with Proximity Panel network

Escrito por Raul Paramo el 17 de diciembre 2009

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Proximity Panels is a Joint Venture of local panel providers collaborating to be able to provide sample together for multi-country market research projects. Netquest decided to collaborate with Proximity with a non exclusive agreement providing sample in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

This idea comes after collaboration between local panel providers like Netquest in Europe, and consists of an agreement to define high quality standards and to be efficient and coordinate for projects where more than one country is involved.

One of the reasons for collaborating is the common idea of regional panels having more competitive  advantages in terms of quality than global providers do. These are some examples:

The first project conducted by Proximity Panels was an european survey on the first European President. The large scale project was finished in less than 5 days, with 14.000 national representative surveys in 17 countries.

For more information, please contact us.

Proximity Panels Site

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