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    By-invitation-only online panels and survey technology for the market researcher

    Netquest is an independent online field provider for the market research sector in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. We currently have more than 726,210 consumers willing to give us their opinion in 21 countries, and the latest technology in order to manage and survey them.

    Founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 2001, Netquest has grown alongside its clients thanks to a firm focus on three strategic values. Firstly, we focus on the development of our own technology. This has allowed us to face up to the challenges of online migration without limitations, with an innovative and ground-breaking focus, and with the most commonly-used online survey tool in the Latin American market.

    Secondly, we focus on creating quality online panels. We believe that online research should not only be a way of reducing costs; we wish to contribute to the improvement of market research through online panels designed with high demand, taking on innovative methodologies that clearly impact on the reliability of the data we deliver. We therefore have the only regional panel certified with the ISO26362 standard.

    Lastly, we believe in local operations. Our local teams in Barcelona, Madrid, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, New York and Lisbon enable us to maintain close relations with the consumer and the researcher. We have learned to value close working relations over the more than ten years we've been working in the sector.


    Our mission is to obtain reliable data via satisfied individuals, thanks to a unique participation incentive system that enables us to obtain plentiful and highly representative samples of the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American population.


    Our goal is to be the Latin American consumer's voice in the world, the company par excellence for any researcher who wishes to obtain reliable data in the region. And with that objective in mind, we created our own survey software (Survey Manager) and only acquire through invitation, so as to ensure sample representation and information reliability.


    Netquest is made up of a vastly experienced multidisciplinary team aimed at providing quality services.

    1. Germán Loewe
      Founder and CEOBarcelona
    2. Ramón Souto
      IT DirectorBarcelona
    3. Martín Escarabajal
      Operations DirectorBarcelona
    4. Carlos Ochoa
      Marketing and R&D DirectorBarcelona
    5. Joaquím Bretcha
      Sales Director Europe & AsiaBarcelona
    6. Pepe Tomás
      Managing Director Netquest EspañaBarcelona
    7. Jocemary Sasnauskas
      Managing Director Netquest BrazilSão Paulo
    8. Joana de Lacerda
      Managing Director Netquest PortugalLisbon
    9. Pilar Bono
      Chief People OfficerBarcelona
    10. Luis Octavio Noriega
      Managing Director Netquest Northern LatamMexico City
    11. Enric Cid
      Managing Director Netquest Southern LatamSantiago de Chile
    12. Bruno Paro
      Managing Director Netquest
      US & Canada
      New York


    Our commitment to quality leads us to be members of the world's leading market research associations. We fulfil its highest standards of quality and professional ethics so that you may fully entrust in us.


    Sponsored Research Program
    We have designed a service exchange program that enables Internet companies to have professional market research studies available without a cost. If you have a large database and want to know what your consumers think, please contact us. We want to get in touch with you.

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    We want to get to know you better People are the soul of our business. At Netquest we are concerned about transforming the experience of giving your opinion into something positive, meaning we therefore take care of the people responsible for achieving it on a daily basis. We believe in what we do and we look for people like you, who contribute new ideas and commitment in order to form part of our project.

    With 8 offices in Spain , Portugal and all Latin America, Netquest is a company made up of professionals from extremely different fields, but with something common in mind: quality. Do not hesitate if you have something to say, we are keen to meet you.

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