ISO26362 certified panels in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

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    Our strong commitment to quality enables us to offer you data that is 100 % real. All panel sizes have been calculated in accordance with the ISO 26362 standard.

    By invitation only

    A different way of making panels

    representativeness and voluntary registration are incompatible

    'By invitation only' active recruitmentOur panel is closed, it does not allow voluntary registration. We thereby avoid professional respondents. Our registration invitations are personal and single-use only.

    Multi-source recruitmentWe invite respondents from hundreds of websites of all kinds. Diversity of recruitment equals representativeness in your samples.

    we invest in improving
    our respondents' experience

    High-rewardingNetquest is the panel that invests most in rewarding participation. We even reward filtered participation, believing that not doing it would foment inaccurate answers.

    Commitment to panelistsTreating the respondent well generates reliable data and good insights for the researcher. We locally attend to their queries (also by phone) and guarantee that all their participation is rewarded.

    Non-economic rewardNetquest has a redeemable points system through which panelists can exchange the points we give them for their collaboration for more than 1,200 gifts. Without draws, vouchers or money.

    continuous profiling
    Using less surveys we find out
    more about the respondent

    we precisely select the sampleOur predictive participation system enables us to reduce unnecessary invitations.

    filtered respondents are forwarded to an internal surveyThey always receive an incentive to do so. For the panelist, all the surveys look similar and are always rewarded.

    we enrich the respondent's profile every time they participate We have more than 50 profiling modules that the respondent completes progressively, as if they were surveys.

    we improve your sample selectionKnowing who to survey means less overuse of the panel and better price for you.

    iso 26362 quality

    Netquest is the only panel in Latin America certified with the ISO 26362 standard
    specific to Access Panels

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    1. by invitation only recruitment.
    2. we reward registration and participation, including that which is filtered.
    3. we don't over-survey: 1-2 surveys per month.
    4. we cross-reference survey and registration information.
    5. we check open-ended questions.
    6. we check control response time.
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    1. We measure the size of our panels according to the ISO26362 standard: respondents who have participated in the last year. Without confusion.
    2. We are able to inform you about where each respondent of your study has been recruited, and how many surveys they have completed in the last year.
    3. We can also provide you with the respondent's profile details in accordance with your project: household composition, car brand... and even request the respondent's telephone number and permission to be contacted once the study is finished.
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    1. We focus on maximum sample reliability for online research. We have therefore created a research group, the Research on Research Online (R2Online) , which unites two great strengths:
    2. The experience of RECSM
    3. Netquest panel's capacity and experimentation technology
    4. The main goal of R2Online is to develop research projects that improve the sample reliability and representativeness.
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    sample calculator

    Use the following calculator if you need to know the number of interviews you must conduct on a certain population (universe):

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    level of trust %

    size of the universe

    heterogeneity %

    The recommended sample size is:

    More information about how the calculator works.

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