Online Fieldwork Solutions: consumers samples, online surveys and data process services

    1. Sampling
    2. Behavioural sampling
    3. Scripting
    4. Data Process

    Sampling Services

    Online field solutions for market and opinion researchers via the Netquest Panel.

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    Behavioural sampling services

    Fieldwork solutions to study the consumer’s online behaviour.

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    Scripting Services

    Online Data Collection Applications

    Scripting Express
    Faster, more powerful and reliable scripting

    We know that your client expects faster delivery and that questionnaires are increasingly more sophisticated. But we also know that an error can spoil a good research project. We have therefore created Scripting Express, a new online questionnaire programming service that is faster, more powerful and reliable.


    Thanks to our own software named Survey Manager, which includes specialised survey programming language and is designed for questionnaire programming professionals.

    Thanks to our binding commitment to quality, our team of programmers work closely with the researcher, so they can work hand in hand and understand their needs first hand.

    More powerful

    Any questionnaire is possible; do not accept limits on the manner in which you wish to obtain information. You set the limits:

    1. Flexible routing.
    2. Rotation of alternatives, questions and blocks.
    3. Hyper-continuous recording per question, not per page.
    4. Continuous feedback, the respondent always knows if they have answered well.
    5. Multimedia integration: image, video, flash.
    6. Tailored, simulator-type question design.
    7. MaxDiff / Conjoint.
    8. Flexible and user-adjustable design.
    9. Intelligent quota management.

    More reliable

    Random Data Generator: we submit your questionnaire to a random-answer test in order to verify all the survey pathways.

    Scripting Quality Assurement (SQA): every survey is tested by a technician who has not participated in the programming.

    Datafile Check (DFC): before launch, a technician reviews the generated file in order to guarantee data integrity.

    Entrust your questionnaire in experts with more than 10 years' experience programming online surveys. We do not only transfer your content to the website, we also advise you throughout the whole process:

    1. We transform your contents' blueprint into an online questionnaire.
    2. We tailor the design of the survey according the image you wish to use.
    3. If your questionnaire was designed for the offline field, we advise you on how to adapt it to online language.
    4. We edit and insert the images into the questionnaire.
    5. If you don't have a sample, take advantage of a better price on your questionnaire by purchasing a Netquest Panel one.
    6. We generate the access links to the survey.
    7. We generate an online report so that you may monitor the data obtained.
    8. We present you with a tagged results file in Excel or SPSS format.
    9. We can help you with data processing services such as open-question encoding or tabulation.
    Mobile Surveys
    Capture opinion anytime, anywhere

    Bring your research closer to the 'moment of truth'. Our questionnaires adapted to any mobile device (Android, iPhone, tablet, etc.) will enable you to go a step further in your data collection projects, and be prepared to survey your respondent at the precise moment the act occurs.

    Use Netquest Mobile Surveys to compile information on your target in real-time, and thereby avoid bias due to forgetfulness. You can easily reach the consumer and obtain results immediately.

    Carry out projects such as mystery shopper in a pre-agreed location; requesting images and even videos of an activity would be simple and provide rapidly visible tasks

    Netquest offers you two different technological solutions to choose from, according to the needs of your project: Netquest Mobile Browser Surveys and Netquest Mobile App Surveys.

    Mobile Browser Surveys

    Researching via a mobile not only means using mobile applications. Mobile browser questionnaires adapt the manner in which the survey is displayed so that answering it is easy and convenient. The interface adapts to the device's screen, thus obtaining optimal visualisation. Reading and browsing are very easy and problems such as horizontal scrolling are avoided.


    1. Unlike a mobile application, special user permission is not necessary.
    2. Less intrusive.
    3. Higher level of participation.
    4. Content does not need to be adapted. Practically any questionnaire can be displayed in the browser.
    5. Access to GPS localisation.
    6. Possibility of invitation via SMS to bring participation to the 'moment of truth'.

    Mobile App Surveys

    For those special projects, in which it is necessary to access unavailable mobile device features from a survey on a web browser, we make a specialist mobile data collection application available.
    Mobile application surveys require the express consent of the respondent, meaning that they must be responsible for installing it on their phone. We can send them 'push' type invitations in exchange – invitations that interrupt the mobile's activity - in order to survey them as soon as they receive it. We could also access their camera and GPS coordinates to conduct advanced research.


    1. Questionnaire fully integrated into the mobile device.
    2. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet during participation.
    3. Camera access from the questionnaire.
    4. Access to GPS localisation.
    5. Geofencing, the option of inviting people to a questionnaire who enter a geographic zone defined by GPS coordinates.
    6. Push' invitations, displayed at a precise moment that interrupt the mobile's activity.

    Combines our capacity to collect mobile data with a highly-enhanced Netquest Panel, and the capture of opinions anytime, anywhere.

    Netquest Conjoint
    More than a software, an integral solution

    What determines the success of a product? How does the consumer measure the value of its features? Which attributes must I improve to get the biggest return?

    Netquest Conjoint measures the value that consumers assign to each product, without asking directly about them. The decisions of the consumers indicate the key factors of each product, as well as showing us which are the most attractive combination of attributes to the consumers.

    Conjoint analysis can be tricky because of its complexity. However, Netquest offers a powerful technology, so you do not need to worry about technical issues.

    Netquest Conjoint main advantages

    1. Reliability: you will be able to analyze data knowing that respondents' decisions will faithfully reproduce an everyday purchase situation in which they have had to refuse some features when choosing other ones.
    2. Discrimination: it makes possible to marginalise the real importance of a product or service attributes. You will be able to identify which attributes are more important to the consumers.
    3. Innovation: it simulates in which way a new product will be accepted by consumers.
    4. Simulation: it predicts which marketshare would you get, by virtually reproducing the entrance of a new product in the market and its competition against the current ones.

    What do we offer?

    1. If you are an expert researcher, Netquest is the reference Online Panel company to do Conjoint studies. We understand your worries.
    2. However, if you do not have any experience doing Conjoint analysis, we can offer you an integral solution. You will be able to manage all these studies without acquiring any specialized software or adding experts to your team. Moreover, we can help you to read the results, so you will be able to analyze them by yourself.
    3. We offer you the best choice for each of the 3 phases of a Conjoint study:
      1. Experimental design: we help you to define an experiment and to decide which attributes and products must be shown to each subject of study, without restrictions imposed by a standard software.
      2. Online questionnaire's scripting: we transform your design into an online questionnaire. We provide you with our surveying experience and the power of our proprietary software Survey Manager. Together we can design any question format you can imagine.
      3. Utility analysis: we provide you with a file that includes all the answers. You will get the count of the chosen options, as well as the added utilities features and an individual utilities list.
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    Netquest MaxDiff
    Get reliable answers easily

    The way we ask condition the results we get. Discover a reliable, intuitive and simple way to measure the consumer's preference regarding a group of concepts.

    MaxDiff is a research technique which measures the relative importance of a group of concepts. This methodology gets the respondet's information by reproducing the way he takes decisions on a day to day basis. It compares the elements part of a reduced group one-by-one. This way of asking reports more accurate and useful information for decision making.

    Unlike classical methodologies, Maxdiff registers how intense is the preference of every concept and discriminates the most relevant concepts better. Besides, all of this uses easy answer questions for the respondent.

    Netquest MaxDiff main advantages

    1. If you already know MaxDiff's methodology, you can rely on us: we speak your language. We offer you the referent panel in Latin America, Spain and Portugal for your project. We can just program your already designed MaxDiff questionaire and deliver raw data reports.
    2. If you do not know this methodology, Netquest makes available its experience. You will not need to purchase any software or hire new experts to your team, Netquest offers full MaxDiff service and helps you interpreting the data for the analysis.

    What do we offer?

    1. Experimental design. According to your specs (concepts, number of questions, number of concepts per question) we design which questions will be shown to the participants. We can do specific designs for very particular problems where restrictions are needed while showing comparisons.
    2. Questionnaire programming. From the design, we create a questionnaire using MaxDiff-type questions. If you want, we can tailor question formats according to your desires.
    3. Results. A MaxDiff analysis can be hard work. Netquest takes care of it. We deliver results using different formats so you can use the most convenient in your analysis.
    Questionnaire programming to survey your own data bases

    We generate more databases every day; information about our clients, web users, employees, etc. This information is very valuable and essential to improve your organization.

    Take advantage of what Netquest NetStudio offers to you and get all the benefits from our surveying experience and the technological power of the Survey Manager 2. By using Netquest NetStudio, we programme your surveys and manage your field work in your databases, so you can get the maximum benefit of it. 


    1. Surveying experience and know-how. Our programming team works close to the researcher, in order to attend to their needs when it is required.
    2. The technological power of the Survey Manager 2. Enjoy the advantages of our proprietary software Survey Manager 2 which includes a specialized questionnaire programming language.
    3. We eliminate bias and measurement error.
    4. Quality results to do the right analysis.

    What does NetStudio include?

    1. We transform your survey to a profesional online survey, advising you at any time.
    2. We help you to plan and execute your project.
    3. We adapt your survey design to your corporative image or to your client's corporative image.
    4. We manage the invitations and reminders and we keep all the answers in our servers.
    5. We facilitate online screening reports of the data obtained from the first answer.
    6. At the end, we give you a filtered and labeled file in any format you need to proceed with the right analysis of the results.

    The importance of a well done questionnaire

    Did you know that the survey design and question formulation are the cause of the most important mistakes in the results?

    Let's go through an example:

    Two different results to the same question:

    • 45% prefer not to answer

    • 5% prefer not to answer

    A good survey increases significantly the response rate.

    Data Collection Application 
    More than a simple online questionnaire

    We program any complex online questionnaire that requires flexible information compilation. Do not settle for a simple survey! Together we can design an authentic tailored solution. Decide how, when and how many times a respondent may enter to provide their information.

    Our own technology namedSurvey Manager enables us to go beyond simple questionnaires. When the data to collect has a complex structure, or the respondents themselves can select which parts to answer and how much information they wish to provide, classic questionnaire lineal browsing is not suitable. Something more flexible is needed. Our data collection applications are the perfect solution for these issues.

    An example

    Do you need to flexibly gather information about a doctor's patients? Netquest Data Collection Applications enable the respondent (the doctor) to reveal all his patients' history, about multiple pathologies, different patient characteristics, the percentage of patients treated with each type of medication, etc. The application allows flexible browsing between pathologies and treatments, viewing of a summary of the information entered and, finally, deciding when data entry is complete.

    Online Usage Diary 
    Continuous information collection tool

    Converts your questionnaire into a web application specifically designed to gather information on daily consumer habits and the opinions of your target audience.

    The Online Usage Diary is much more than a classic survey; it enables the respondent to access the same questionnaire on a number of occasions. It is an application that enables data to be extended, and if necessary, modification of data already entered. Making it easier for the respondent to enter repetitive and tedious information affects answer quality and quantity.

    The diary autonomously and intelligently manages participation rules. One or another part of the questionnaire may be modified, depending on the day it is accessed.

    We personalise the online usage diary with your corporate logo or that of your client, and provide you access in order to consult online results whenever you wish.

    The service includes:

    1. The transformation of your contents' blueprint into an online questionnaire.
    2. Tailored survey design in accordance with the image you wish to use.
    3. Edition and insertion of images and other multimedia elements.
    4. The creation of daily access to the Diary.
    5. Online report of data monitoring.
    6. Delivery of a tagged results file in Excel or SPSS format.

    Need something else? Ask us and we'll do it for you.

    Data processing services

    We prepare the data gathered during the field study so that analysis and obtaining of insights for your clients is thereafter simpler for you

    {codificacion} icon


    1. We make a professional open-question encoding service available to you, through a team with vast experience in this field.
      We transform your study's open questions into closed ones. A quality service at an economical price.
    2. This service includes:
    3. Encoding of open or semi-open questions ('others').
    4. We work with open questions relative to brands, motivation and description of adverts or advertising campaigns.
    5. You will have the option of us designing you a code book whenever your project needs it. We also adapt to your own book.
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    1. Possibly one of the most important things when conducting a survey is the receipt of the results it generates in a convenient, easy-to-interpret format.
      Our file processing services enable you to obtain the results file in the format you wish: SPSS, Barbwin, CSV or ad-hoc.
      Select the format you prefer and then we process and transform the files with your results so they are ready for you to analyse.
    2. This service includes:
    3. Transformation of the file format: QUANTUM, ASCII with a preset datamap.
    4. Re-encoding of variables, both simple (numerical sections), and sophisticated (social classes, etc.).
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    1. At Netquest we always think about the work of the researcher. We therefore help you to perform an analysis of your study's results by completing the data tabulation you request from us.
    2. The Netquest Tabulation services includes:
    3. Drawing up of tables according to your tabulation plan.
    4. The possibility of including the re-encoding on variables affected by tabulation.
    5. The presentation of a post-tabulation, alongside the tabulation, which facilitates the simple modification of tables for posterior analysis.
    6. Preparation for any multivariate analysis (clusters, factorials, etc.).

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