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    interactive questions

    At Netquest we concern ourselves with making the surveys easy to answer for the respondent. We believe that asking for information logically and intuitively enables the capture of better quality data and the simultaneous improvement of answer rates. We have therefore devised multiple interactive questions that facilitate the task and improve the data obtained.

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    survey technology

    Survey Manager (SM), a solution developed by Netquest, is an authentic survey programming language which we respond to your data collection needs with, whatever they are, without technical limitations, and without having to curb your imagination. Survey Manager makes possible practically any kind of information question you can imagine. More than 12 years' experience in the development of data collection software and research project management at your service.

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    Without question or survey design limits

    SM is a visual editor of surveys; easy and intuitive for an I.T. non-specialist, that translates visual expression into its own programming language, thus using all its power. SM does not work with pre-defined types of questions, but with simple elements (buttons, text boxes, etc.) in order to create any type of question, without limiting your imagination. It enables the secure integration of any external element, such as HTML or Javascript code, or Flash content.

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    Advanced browsing logic for your studies

    SM offers two ways of visualising survey browsing logic or 'routing'; via a question tree and through software, providing unlimited access to any browsing logic imaginable. Rotations, repetitions, complex conditions, branching, and any browsing logic your study needs becomes easy to integrate with SM.

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    Professional field management

    You may program as many shares as necessary, on comprehensive crosses or variable sections, and use the result to check the status of the fee within the questionnaire itself, with total flexibility. SM enables maximum optimisation of share management and the possibility of combining them with random assignations, thus reducing the amount of disregarded answers in your study.

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    Security and reliability in your projects

    SM uses the latest application hosting technology, the Amazon Web Services cloud. Flexibility in the use of resources offered by Amazon is combined to the reliability of hosting with high-availability redundant servers; we can expand the amount of servers used by SM in a question of minutes and respond to exceptional demands (for example, the combination of large data collection projects). All with the maximum levels of security that the storage of your data demands.

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    Fail-safe online questionnaires

    SM's system of random answer generation allows the consistency of your survey to be tested, verifying all the questionnaire's possible pathways. SM registers any user interaction at the moment it occurs. We can thereby immediately and reliably ratify the validity of their answers, and avoid information losses due to Internet connection faults or survey incompletion. Thanks to this hyper-continuous recording, the data continuously travels to the server to be validated. This enables us to provide instant feedback to the respondent's actions so they always know whether the information they provide is valid or not, thus making their participation easier.

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    Simple consultation and exportation of the data obtained

    SM separates the data registered in the surveys from its meaning (tags). This clear separation enables flexible exportation of data and personalisation of online visualisation. Online reports of updated results in real-time are available, along with participation monitoring information, in order to maintain total control of the fieldwork. And downloading of data in the format you prefer: Excel, Access, SPSS, CSV, Gandia Barbwin and Triple-S.

    panel software

    We manage our panels with our own Panelisation and Incentivisation Platform Panel (PPI). It is software developed by Netquest that enables the management of member acquisition, partnership management, sample selection, sending of invitations and incentivisation of panel samples, whether they be ours or from third parties. A comprehensive management platform of participants in surveys that includes multiple features:

    acquisition and panel creation

    Our technical solution enables the creation and management of respondent acquisition campaigns, offering multiple content-tailoring possibilities, along with incentive presentation to newly registered members and visualisation of campaign statistics. It also enables the creation and maintenance of multiple online user panels and their respective portals. Maximum flexibility in the acquisition and grouping of participants.

    selection and management of samples

    Our panel software enables samples to be optimally managed. You may employ three types of information in order to do so: (1) sociodemographic information, (2) information on previous behaviour of each participant (previous completed participation, activity level, projects participated in) and (3) log information registered during their participation in surveys. Our sample selection system combines all this information with a predictive participation algorithm in order to generate the optimal random sample for your project, taking into account the filters and fee you define. Once the project is finished, the software identifies suspect behaviour of certain individuals so that you may choose what you wish to do with them.

    surveying of respondents

    Programs a calendar of selective invitations and reminders to be sent to non-participants, in order to manage participation in your surveys. Personalises the incentive to be presented in each participation, which your respondents will receive in real-time. You will also have the opportunity to update respondents' personal and demographic data at any time, via data transfer from surveys to the panel database. Your information, always up to date.

    incentive store and logistics

    The platform allows the creation and management of incentives that respondents may obtain for taking part in surveys. These incentives may be physical or virtual, and the user may design different displays for each respondent profile. It also enables the comprehensive management of incentive request logistics, from the moment a respondent requests a gift to the point when it is delivered to their home.


    SURVEY MANAGER is the benchmark online questionnaire creation tool in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking market. On sale since 2001, it has been the technical solution chosen by numerous companies in different sectors (banking, insurance, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals) for staff, client and partnership survey management. The second version of this solution launched in 2010, Survey Manager, brings with it a revolution in online survey programming software. Tell us about your needs and we will explain the different licence options available.


    tailored services

    We make our advanced panel management system available, used by Netquest to develop its consumer panels in 21 countries, in order to manage your own panels:

    dedicated panel

    1. Netquest Dedicated Panel is a service tailored to you; a group of your target consumers willing to assess, test and provide information on the topics of your choice, without the need to manage them yourself.
    2. We invite your users to form part of the Netquest panel, by using our incentivisation and management system, and creating a new consumer community.
    3. You decide whether you wish to maintain exclusive use of your respondents, or whether we survey them for third-party projects, thus benefitting from a better price.
    4. We program the studies according to your needs and, if you wish, under your brand and logo.
    5. We easily and conveniently incentivise consumers for their collaboration, with the confidence of a quality provider (ISO 26362).

    owner panel

    1. Netquest Owner Panel is an online community of consumers who give their opinion on a certain product, brand or service, and which is managed by us for your exclusive use.
    2. You provide the participant database.
    3. Netquest provides the technology, acquisition and incentivisation of the respondents.
    4. We personalise the respondent's web portal with your image and, if you wish, their incentivisation with your own gift system.
    5. It is an ideal service whenever you need rapid results or have your own database that you wish to survey, or when you have a sufficiently large research necessity to maintain your own research community.

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