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Customer feedback to boost engagement

A professional and systematic way to listen to your current customer database has numerous benefits

  • It is a leading (not lagging) indicator of consumers’ future intentions.
  • It prevents customer churn.
  • It reduces corporate reputation issues.
  • It is a neat way of keeping your database up-to-date.
  • It segments your database and identifies highly profitable target clients.
  • It is a source of insight into potential new product development.
  • It’s your own database! No need to pay for an external panel.

Current solutions 

There are several ways to begin measuring customer satisfaction; it’s all about technology and knowledge. 

The simplest place to start is a client survey. Customer-feedback surveys are a cost-effective way to gather information and make decisions about your products and services. But don’t forget:

  • Your survey says a lot about you—a carefully designed survey makes a difference in your customers’ eyes. Your brand’s reputation is at stake here.
  • A poorly designed questionnaire may collect inaccurate information, undermining your ability to make judicious decisions. 

A more sophisticated solution involves building your own panel: recruiting members from your existing client database to create a community of clients who are willing to participate in your research projects in exchange for some incentive. Dedicated panels go beyond measurement of pure customer satisfaction—they are suitable for many other research purposes, such as product testing and brand perception.

How can we help?

At Netquest, we have several services that may help you implement your customer-feedback system, such as Netstudio and Dedicated Panel.


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