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Audio-matching data

Discover the consumption of audio and video content of your target audience on television, radio and internet. Thanks to the innovative technology developed by Fluzo and our digital panels we can identify from the sound ambient what content of your interest consumers are listening to.

The development of smartphones and the effectiveness of audio and mobile content in marketing campaigns, combined with the traditional power of television and radio, have turned traditional measurement methods outdated.

If you want to conduct audiences on TV, Radio or the Internet, or advertising effectiveness studies, audit content, understand how people consume different audiovisual content and get to know the overlap between channels and platforms, Netquest gives you the necessary data to do it.

The data is captured through the smartphone and we focus on the user, not the home. The data is captured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can combine it with another type of data from the same person: surveys, extensive profile information, online behavior data and geolocation data.

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Innovative ways of measuring audiences with audio-matching

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