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Asking through surveys is not always the answer! Get to know your target audience thanks to the digital behavior data, gathered by Netquest with a proprietary technology (the meter) which allows us to collect navigation information from which we offer: Browsing Data and Purchase Data.

No GDPR concerns! Our premium panelists has given us their consent to gather their Digital Behavior Data. We have developed the strictest privacy controls to suppress personally identifiable information (PII) in the data. The result is complete peace of mind for our panel members and a safe research environment for you.

  • Browsing Data:
    Information about your target audience’s online activity: URLs and domains visited, visit frequency, app usage or search terms, regardless of whether they browse the internet on a PC, smartphone or tablet.


  • Purchase Data:
    Access information related to the behaviors of people inside eCommerce sites such as the products viewed online and those that were later added to the cart or even bought. Get data from all sectors, categories, brands and types of products from the main players.

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