Customer Feedback

Dedicated panel

Our dedicated-panel service is a tailor-made customer-feedback solution.

Enjoy the benefits of a proprietary research panel without incurring expensive recruitment and management costs.

The Netquest Dedicated Panel combines access to your database with our panel know-how and technology to offer the best of both worlds.

Here’s how it works:

  • We recruit respondents from your database and invite them to join our panel.
  • Once in the panel, we profile them according to your needs, identifying critical information for your business.
  • Panelists are surveyed whenever they are needed; surveys may run under your brand and logo, but we manage the fieldwork, incentives and support. We manage the entire data-collection process, and you receive a data file with the results.
  • Your customers will enjoy the benefits of belonging to a customer-oriented panel, certified with the ISO 26362 standard. And if you would like, they can be invited to participate in other surveys, reducing your costs and earning more incentives for themselves.

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