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It simply isn’t enough to ask participants how important they think a product feature is.

Decision making is much more complex than this: when people evaluate different options, they make unconscious tradeoffs between desirable and not-so-desirable features.

Conjoint analysis is an advanced market-research methodology that provides deep understanding of how customers value products and services.

Netquest offers conjoint services to professional researchers. We take care of the complex processes that this technique entails so that our clients can focus on understanding their customer’s decision-making process and using it to make informed decisions.

Service features:

  • Design of Choice Based Conjoint (CBC) experiments based on the feature description provided by the client.
  • Questionnaire programming.
  • Analysis of each feature’s perceived value (utilities).
  • Provision of a client simulator for testing new scenarios based on each feature’s measured utilities, enabling us to test figures such as estimated market share, price sensitivity, elasticity and brand value.

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Designing products with the help of Conjoint Analysis

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