Specialized Panels


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We want to help you reach your target audience through efficient sampling.

By downloading this brochure, you will get updated profile information on our panelists to help you study any target audience. 

When potential panelists are screened out of a study, Netquest’s profiling system reroutes them to a pool of internal profiling surveys, where they complete a different questionnaire and still receive their incentive. 

Our specialized panels provide us with data in the following categories:

  • Healthcare: the healthcare that our panelists and their dependents receive, including those with common and rare conditions, allergies, visual and auditory conditions, nervous and mental problems, etc. 

  • Sports: athletic habits, preferred sports, gym use, soccer team preference and sportswear. 

  • Automotive: drivers, driver’s licenses, carsharing users, shared vehicles, brands, models, insurance and other vehicle details. 

  • B2B: employment status, degrees earned (or currently being pursued), occupation, sector, job, income, ITDM, ITINF and other decision areas. 

  • Children’s Products: brands, children’s products purchased, L6M, websites for children’s products. 

  • Banking: financial client type, insurance client type, private banking clients, insurance decision-makers; financial products, banks hired by product, and much more.


A deep-profiled panel that provides extensive behavioral and demographic data will connect you with exactly the sample you’re looking for. 

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Download: Specialized Panels Brochure