Any research is now possible!

Using our new Specialized Online Panels any study is now possible!

At Netquest we want to introduce you our new specialized online panels. Now, we can offer you the target you have always been looking for.


We have thousands of profiles already identified and ready to participate in your research projects. So far this year, we have achieved more than 470,000 participations in our Latin American, Spain and Portugal profiling modules, and only in Spain we have accomplished over 150,000 participations. These figures show that we are really concerned about the continuous profiling as we think this is so important in order to reach the specific wanted target.

Thanks to our unique Continuous Profiling system we can offer you competitive rates in any difficult project. There are so many profiles that we have already identified, however if the one you need is not yet identified, we will identify it for your project.

Netquest Specialized Online Panels:

Mums - Insurances - Media - Gambling - Sports - Household facilities - B2B - Pets - Cosmetic - Automotive - Mobile - Healthcare -Caregivers, OTC, Patients - Housing - Banks- Drinks - Travellers - Social Media - Retail - Immigrants - Electronics

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