No virgin's land

I'm busy these days reading "Crossumer: Key points to understand the new generation of Spanish consumers" by Victor Gil and Felipe Romero (unfortunately it’s not published yet, I've been asked to write a review. You'll have to wait until September). The book is a compelling insight about the changing role of today's consumer. One of its main points is that consumers are not naive anymore in terms of marketing knowledge.

Some data from the book:

  • 58% of people know what "Positioning" is
  • 56,4% agree with the statement "When I watch advertising I like to go under the surface and try to analyse what they pretend to communicate"
  • 42% of them have done some kind of training on marketing

Regarding this figures...Why are we filtering people out of our questionnaires if they are connected to marketing? Is it possible today to ask for a "fresh" respondent ?


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