Netquest collaborates with Proximity Panel network

Proximity Panels is a Joint Venture of local panel providers collaborating to be able to provide sample together for multi-country market research projects. Netquest decided to collaborate with Proximity with a non exclusive agreement providing sample in Spain, Portugal and Mexico.

This idea comes after collaboration between local panel providers like Netquest in Europe, and consists of an agreement to define high quality standards and to be efficient and coordinate for projects where more than one country is involved.

One of the reasons for collaborating is the common idea of regional panels having more competitive  advantages in terms of quality than global providers do. These are some examples:

  • Locally managed panels have deeper knowledge about internet use, habits and trends
  • We speak our panellists native language, so our panel communication is fluent and clean
  • We analyse the local socio-demographic statistics and have a more accurate approach to representative samples
  • Local panel operations means better understanding of panellist needs and how socio-economical levels influence response rates
  • Locally managed incentives improve panellist engagement exponentially
  • Improved engagement leads to higher response rates
  • Higher response rates means easy access to difficult projects
  • Guaranteed delivery from one panel avoids duplications and is a key issue in panel quality

The first project conducted by Proximity Panels was an european survey on the first European President. The large scale project was finished in less than 5 days, with 14.000 national representative surveys in 17 countries.

For more information, please contact us.

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