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Behavioral Data 101

Behavioral Data 101

Are you still only using surveys for your research projects? From determining the best moment to launch a new product to measuring the impact of a marketing campaign, are surveys still your go-to?

Surveys are great but, you’re missing out on new types of insights: Market research is evolving, and with it, so are our research methods. Behavioral data is changing the industry as we know it.

Check out this free ebook to discover how market researchers can begin incorporating behavioral data into their research today. In this eBook you will find out:

  • What types of data you can collect from your consumers
  • What kind of insights can you get from behavioral data
  • What behavioral data looks like and how to read the data files
  • How to take your first steps with behavioral research
  • Which tools you need to use to analyze behavioral data

And more. A complete guide to the new world of behavioral research.

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