Ad Effect

Single-source measurement of the advertising effectiveness of your cross-media campaigns

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Maximize your advertising effectiveness

Combine exposure data (Ad Reach & Frequency) with post-test studies on advertising effectiveness based on surveys of panelists genuinely impacted by the campaigns.

Get a deeper understanding of your campaign performance and uncover elements such as:

  • Brand or product recall, understanding, and valuation post-impact.
  • Details on campaign exposure: media channels where panelists encountered your campaign, frequency of exposure, and specific creative content viewed.
  • Sociodemographic characteristics of the impacted individuals.
Explore the impact of your brand through insights into the brand funnel, spontaneous recall, brand image, and resonance of the campaign message.
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How does it work?

  • 100% crossmedia: Audio-matching technology (Automatic Content Recognition) to capture and centralise all types of ad impact.
  • Single-source panel: Combine audio-matching data with surveys sent to the same fixed group of panellists.
  • Measurement for the current reality of audiences: measurement both inside and outside of the home, 24/7, with no device or time limitations per panelist.
  • Access to a customizable dashboard where you can cross-examine exposure data with sociodemographic variables.


By combining audio-matching with declared data (surveys), you can:
  • Understand the effect on the main brand KPIs.
  • Detect from what frequency you lose effect and/or burnout.
  • Locate 'infra' or 'over' exposed audience niches.
  • Find out which media or media combination is most effective.

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