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Usage Testing [IHUT]

In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT) will give you the chance to get the consumer's opinion first-hand.

How does it work?

Our service engages participants who use a given type of product or who are consumers of brands or direct competitors.

Participants receive the product in their home and use it for as long as you consider necessary. Then can then submit their feedback in the post-test activity of your choice, ranging from a surveys, an online community with videos documenting their experience, or in-depth online interview, etc.

The Netquest panel gives you an excellent opportunity to test a product in development with real users of a given category.
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  • You choose the product and we take care of recruiting participants and the post-test activity.
  • Get photo and/or video testimonials from our panel members using your product.
  • We partner with shipping and logistics providers for your product delivery (availability depending on country).

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