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Discover what audiovisual content your audience consumes on TV, radio and online.

Understanding multimedia consumption

In the current competitive landscape, ensuring that your publicity is reaching the right audience is more essential than ever. Understand audience exposure to multimedia, audiovisual content to discover the reach and efficiency of your advertising campaigns. 

Using an application for smartphone, our panelists allow us to capture sound intermittently, helping us understand what multimedia content they have been exposed to.

With this Automatic Content Recognition technology, you will achieve a unified vision of the reach and effectiveness of your multimedia advertising campaigns, your audience profile and their media consumption.

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No interruptions

The technology captures the advertising campaigns a consumer has been exposed to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Media comparison

The automatic identification of channels indicates if the source of the audio content was radio, TV, an online video or any other audiovisual material, allowing for media comparison.

Wide coverage

Evaluate campaign coverage across different channels and media, measuring recognition, attractiveness and effectiveness among target audiences.

360º Vision

Get a full view of your audience, combining audio-matching with other data collected by Netquest such as opinion, profile and online behavior data.

Cost effectiveness

Knowing where your audience is will help you increase the impact of your promotional campaigns, optimizing your budget and achieving a higher ROI.

High reliability

The technology simply observes. The data is more reliable because it is not based on an individual's memory.

Additional benefits

  • Get more precise results measuring the different media of your campaign using a single-source panel.
  • Complement your results with recognition and brand awareness surveys.
  • In line with our commitment to data security and privacy, our audio-matching technology is GDPR compliant and the PII of participants is always protected.

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