Discover everything you need to know about e-commerce consumers.

How does it work?

Netrica is our in-house technology that puts the consumer at the centre, revealing how they interact with different brands, retailers and marketplaces.

Netrica continuously observes and captures the multi-device, digital behaviour of a stable and representative sample of online panelists. And by combining this navigation data with user profiles, we can build key indicators for understanding the e-commerce consumer.

Find out who the consumers are, their characteristics, what they buy and where they buy it. Get full access to detailed information classed by sectors, brands and manufacturers, with continuous updates that enable an understanding of how the data evolves over time. 

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Key Performance Indicators (KPI's)


E-commerce penetration rate by product category.

Market Share

Market share of brands, manufacturers, and online retailers in each category.


Prices by product category, brand, and retailer.


Visits to web and app channels (retailers and marketplaces).


Conversion rate from traffic to sales.


User loyalty across different retailers.


  • We provide quality data based on the observation of real consumers. We can give insights to the visits, products and purchases made on different e-commerce sites.
  • We collect information through our own technology, which enables constant monitoring of the digital life of consumers.
  • We do not generate information from robots or external sources. We observe what individuals with different profiles do, and we put that information at your disposal so you can make better decisions.

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