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Break away from professional mystery shoppers and learn about real consumer experience.

How does it work?

Engage our panelists in hands-on activities, such as visiting a physical location, finding your product, or engaging with your service. Encourage them to provide feedback by participating in post-experience surveys. Additionally, consider capturing their experiences through audio or video testimonials.

Discovering consumer experiences through the eyes of real users offers genuine insights. These everyday consumers are a truer representation of your target audience since they lack the professional training of mystery shoppers, and therefore can provide more accurate feedback on their perception of your offering. Their responses reveal authentic emotions and nuances often missed by professionals, aiding to identify customer perception patterns. This comprehensive view empowers informed decisions for adjustments and improvements.

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  • Customer Experience Assessment: Evaluates real customer experiences.
  • Quality Control: Ensures consistent service quality.
  • Competitive Analysis: Compares with rivals for improvement.
  • Objective Evaluation: Offers unbiased assessments.
  • Strategic insights: Reveals trends and preferences.

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