Ad-Street View

Measure your outdoor advertising with precision

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Combine geolocation data and surveys to measure your Out of Home (OOH) advertising

By leveraging a combination of geolocation-based observed data and survey-driven declared data from our single-source panel of consumers, you can unlock comprehensive insight into the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. Delve into an analysis of your brand's health, recall rates, and purchase intent, distinguishing between individuals exposed to your ads and those who aren't.

With Ad-Street View, you'll find the answers to questions such as:

  • Has my outdoor advertising produced the desired effect?
  • What percentage of my target have I really reached?
  • Do those that have actually seen the advertisement remember the campaign? Was the message relevant?
  • Was it effective, comparing those exposed with those who weren't?
  • Has the perception of the brand image and other metrics improved, comparing those exposed to those who weren't?
  • What are the characteristics, habits and attitudes of people that were exposed to the advertising?
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How does it work?

Get access to a dashboard that includes the following data:
  • Profiling: Sociodemographic profile information + 5 extra variables of relevance to determine if the campaign is reaching the right target
  • Geolocation: Average reach and frequency indicators of the outdoor campaign, based on observed data
  • Opinion: Pre-defined, 10-minute survey with the possibility of personalizing 4 questions per campaign.


  • Single-source data: the panelists that share their location and movements are the same panelists that respond to your survey, giving you an in-depth view of your brand impact.
  • Observed data: geolocation data is reported passively, with no reliance on individual memory and in real-time, directly from mobile devices.
  • Thanks to the nature of our panel, we offer an extensive range of profiling variables.

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