Data Enrichment

Enrich your data with our high-engagement panel.

Leverage the potential of first party data

​This product detects overlaps between Netquest's panel and databases you may have. These databases can then be enriched with the additional panelist information gathered by Netquest.

Consumer data is one of the most valuable assets a company has, helping to assess business health and shape marketing strategies. However, most companies have only a partial, incomplete or heavily biased view of their consumer, and this can lead to incorrect, risk-laden decision-making.

Netquest Data Enrichment aims to bring an in-depth, understanding of your consumer, their habits, their motivations and perceptions directly to your database.

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How does it work?

  • Netquest recruits panelists that then consent to Data Enrichment. They provide information through surveys and data collection tools.
  • Panelist information is then encrypted (emails, AD-IDs, etc.) and shared with the client, who in turn performs the same encryption process with the users on their database.
  • By crossing the databases (Netquest's and their own), both encrypted in the same way, the client can detect Netquest panelists that are also on their database. 
  • Once identified, Netquest can enrich the client's database with profiling variables, behavioral data or collect and deliever any additional information the client may require.


  • Use the information to create more personalized offers and increase the probability of interaction with your database.
  • Improve your consumer experience and achieve greater customer loyalty.

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