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Discover where and how your audience moves.

Getting closer to your consumers

Get closer to your consumers with our geolocation technology and find out what daily routes they take, how long they spend at the supermarket or eating at a restaurant, or if they were exposed to a particular advertisement.

Using our app, panel members can grant the necessary permission to share their location with us securely and directly from their phone. This gives us access to highly valuable information about their daily movement and their behavior when they are on-the-go.

These insights can enable you to personalize advertising content depending on geographical location or to send surveys based on where your audience has been, to find out their opinion of a particular place or service.
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Effective advertising

Optimize your marketing strategy by personalizing your advertising content based on the location and/or trajectory of your target audience.

In situ responses

Send surveys based on where your consumers have been and capture the exact experience at the right time and place.

Enriched insights

Delve into what interests and motivates your consumers combining geolocation with other types of data collected by Netquest.

Additional benefits

  • Geolocation together with profiling, browsing and survey data can help answer key questions about your consumer such as: Why did they buy? Where did they make the final puschase decision? How did advertising, banners or social recommendation influence the decision?
  • In line with our commitment to data security and privacy, our geolocation software is GDPR compliant and the PII of participants is always protected.

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