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Find the right audience for your research in our #Genuine Panel.

How does Sampling work?

Simply define the size of your sample and select your target. We'll take care of inviting participants, field management and ensure your project is completed on time. We can also assist in your research project by programming the survey or activity you want the participants to complete. Programming can include coding, tabulation and data visualization.

Our extensive profiling variables will help you find the target audience you need, no matter how complex.

Our panel members are rewarded fairly for their participation depending on the duration of the survey or the activity. Their commitment to the community and the reward system are what guarantees our high participation rates.

If you need a quick quote for a project, you can also use our DIY quotation tool Agora. With Agora, you can check if your project is feasible and how much it will cost within minutes, no assistance required.
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Benefits of Sampling

  • Your entire target audience in one place.
  • Great fieldwork efficiency with a guaranteed high response rate.

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