Genuine people

Netquest has a panel of 1.5 million members worldwide. Every day, panel members share their experiences first-hand, revealing insights into who they are, what they do and how they think. The trust-based relationship we have established with our panel is built on transparent communication, fair rewards and the strictest data protection compliance.

Our community is unique and is composed of real, genuine people. Each member has their own motivations for participating but together, they are united and empowered by the knowledge that their data can shape the future.

Meet the genuine, powerful voice of our community.

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Genuine panel

An online panel made up of real people, with the highest quality standards and ISO 20252 certification.


Learn what makes our online panel truly genuine:

A high loyalty rate +

Our panelists receive clear, timely communication through our app, and they receive incentives after each participation, which helps foster a loyal relationship.

They receive points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of gifts.

Building trust and loyalty in this way enables us to carry out projects that are much longer and more complex than just surveys. We use hundreds of profiling variables so you can learn about your audience and build a detailed sample.

Ethical Data Handling +

None of our clients or partners can know our panelists’ personal data. Our commitment to privacy means we preserve the anonymity of the people who place their trust in us.

We comply with legal requirements such as the EU’s GDPR, the world’s strictest regulation on privacy and personal data handling.

Continuous Quality Control +

In compliance with the ISO 20252 quality standard for market, opinion and social research, we find real, genuine people to be our panelists. On top of that, we’re constantly making sure that they provide high-quality participations.

High-quality panelists: We prevent all forms of identity fraud, such as panelist professionalization, through measures like participation-frequency monitoring, non-monetary incentivization, double opt-in, captcha, IP monitoring, and much more.

High-quality responses: To ensure high-quality responses—your data—our recruitment is based on panel sampling, the opposite of river sampling. We recruit based on the demographic and psychographic traits we need. Information on Panel-Teilnehmer is saved to our database, which includes hundreds of profiling variables. We also have several additional forms of quality control, including trick questions, speeders, filter outs, etc.

Genuine data

Thanks to our genuine panel made up of genuine people, we are able to create a one-of-a-kind vision of the consumer. A 360° view made up of genuine, high-quality single source data.The data that our Panel-Teilnehmer share with us is provided consensually, for the explicit purpose of creating data that's useful to others.

A wide range of solutions for all your research needs. Get a 360° view of your consumer with our Symphony of Data.

Our panel offers far more than just opinion survey data. It includes: 

Digital behavior

Search terms, online browsing frequency...

navigation data
Browsing data

Where do they go? What websites do they visit before making a purchase?

Online shopping

What items from the shopping cart did they purchase?

Audio matching

What marketing content were they exposed to?


Where do they go?

Our Panel Books

Panel Book

Want to know how many Panel-Teilnehmer form our online panel, plus their territorial and/or demographic distributions?


Digital Behavior Panel Book

Want to understand your consumers’ online behavior?


Specialized Panel Book

Interested in a specific profile? Focus only on the panelists that are meaningful to your research.