Genuine People

Netquest has a panel of 1.5 million members worldwide who share their experiences first-hand everyday, revealing insights into who they are, what they do and how they think.

The trust-based relationship we have established with our panel is built on transparent communication, fair rewards and the strictest data protection compliance.

Our community is unique and is composed of real, genuine people. Each member has their own motivations for participating but they are all proud to be a part of our community. Together, they are empowered by the knowledge that their data can shape the future.

Genuine panel

An online panel made up of real people, with the highest quality standards and ISO 20252 certification.

Learn what makes our online panel truly genuine:

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A high loyalty rate

Our panelists receive clear and timely invites through our multiple communication channels. After each participation they are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for a wide variety of carefully selected gifts in our online shop.

This reward-based system is what contributes a long-lasting relationship of trust with our panel members and by fostering loyalty, we are able to perform more sophisticated and complex research projects. We also have access to hundreds of profiling variables to help you get closer to your exact target audience by building a 100% real, detailed sample.

Ethical data handling

None of our clients or partners can can have access to our panelists' personal data. Our commitment to privacy means we preserve the anonymity of the people who place their trust in us.

We comply with legal requirements such as the EU’s GDPR, the world’s strictest regulation on privacy and personal data handling.

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Continuous quality control

At Netquest, we comply with ISO 20252 quality standard for market, opinion and social research. This means that all of our panel members are real people who participate with honesty, guaranteeing responses of the utmost quality. We take quality seriously and one of our main responsibilities is to ensure we have an active role in quality control and fraud prevention practices, regarding both participants and their responses.

These are some of the quality control measures we perform:

  • Regarding participants: participation frequency monitoring, email validation, IP monitoring, hCaptcha, double opt-in, etc.
  • Regarding responses: Captcha at the beginning of each survey, consistency control questions throughout the survey, speeders (response speed control), skippers (to prevent bots and control the time between survey start and finish), gatekeeper (to control duplicates in surveys using digital fingerprint), etc.

Our panel books

Global Panel Book

Want to know how many people make up our online panel, plus their territorial and/or demographic distribution?

Digital Behavior Panel Book

Want to understand your consumers’ online behavior?

Specialized Panel Book

Interested in a specific profile? Focus only on the panelists that are meaningful to your research.

Much more than surveys

Our panel brings more than just survey data. It also offers:

Digital behavior

Where do they browse? App use frequency, search terms...What sites do they visit before purchasing? What items from the shopping cart did they purchase? What is the average amount spent?


What audiovisual content does your audience consume? Discover what they enjoy most on TV, radio and online and understand the true impact of your advertising campaigns.


Where do your potential clients go? Find out what their daily routes are, how long they spend shopping or eating at a restaurant, or if they were exposed to a particular advertisement.

Make informed decisions
 and forge successful partnerships

Netquest addresses ESOMAR's 37 questions with the aim of upholding the highest standards of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction in all our research endeavors.