Base your insights on genuine data

Society is undergoing a true data and digital revolution, and we want to provide the many agents involved in this revolution with the chance to understand what is going on.

To complete this mission, we collaborate with people who represent global society. We track down consumers who are willing to share their genuine opinions and behavior with us openly because they trust us. Netquest’s panel and data collection capabilities are meant to be a reliable partner for research institutions and businesses, so that they can conduct analysis, get the best possible insights and genuinely understand their consumers.

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    Our genuine story


    Netquest was born in 2001 as a company dedicated exclusively to developing online research-solutions technology. 

    In December 2005, the company introduced its first online panel to market research firms, recruiting by invitation only in Spain. 

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    Our genuine story


    To create a different experience for panelists, under the name "Nicequest," new portals were designed for panels in Spain, Portugal and Latin America in July 2009.

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    Our genuine story


    Soon after that, new offices continued opening, and Netquest solidified its Latin American presence by launching panels in 17 countries throughout the continent. We kicked off 2011 by celebrating our 10th anniversary and welcoming Survey Manager 2. Meanwhile, our family kept growing.

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    Our genuine story 


    By 2014, the undeniable power of data and the digital era became realer than ever, and Netquest joined forces with Wakoopa, a leading technology vendor in the field of behavioral data collection. The deal aimed to combine participants’ satisfaction with constant technological innovation, the perfect integration of online panel know-how with advanced metering technology.

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    Our genuine story


    Now, as our tireless efforts have led to worldwide expansion, we’re proud to have begun our journey as a global digital data collector for the entire industry, with the help of GfK. Needless to say, we remain as committed as ever to continuing to provide the highest possible quality of genuine data.


Our core beliefs

Our values describe the behavior inherent to our culture, as our culture is ultimately what determines our work.



One team, one mission. Being “glue” reminds us that we have a purpose that goes beyond our personal framework. It generates creativity, productivity and rhythm.



We keep the quest. We enjoy inventing, creating and exploring new possibilities.



Shortcuts never lead anywhere you want to go. Having ethical people on our team is the cornerstone of trust.



Humble explorers: we believe in wise ignorance. We proactively create learning opportunities and draw inspiration from the knowledge of others.


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    • Managing Director
    • Enric Cid
    • Strategy Director
    • Núria Pérez
    • Finance Director
    • Pepe Tomás
    • Operations Director
    • Adrián García
    • Technology Director
    • Nathalie Pozo
    • Marketing Director
    • Leandro De Maio
    • Product Director
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