Downloading the Use Case

Innovative ways of measuring media exposure
with audio-matching

Innovative ways of measuring media exposure with audio-matching

There’s no doubt: it’s a tough time for Media Researchers. Old times, when linear tv was the only thing to worry about, are gone. Nowadays, audiovisual is a complex scenario, where youtube, video-on-demand and overlapping content are the main players. Within this new reality, audio-matching shows up as the latest innovation for media exposure measurement. 

In this use case, you will be able to learn how RTVE (Spanish public TV) did for:

  • Understand the audiences behind each platform and content.
  • Learn the new consumption patterns
  • Identify the multiplier effect of TV for the music industry
  • Getting insights about the new tv consumers

If you want to learn how they did and what they learn along the way, Download the use case “"Innovative ways of measuring media exposure with audio-matching"” just by filling out the form.

Use case: Innovative Ways of Measuring media exposure with Audio-matching