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Agora: quality sampling at your fingertips

Quote your market research projects faster and more efficiently and get surveys on field in minutes.

What is Agora?

We know that quality and speed are a must for conducting your research projects and Agora's main objective is to respond to these needs.

Agora was created to give your direct acces to our high-quality panels. Using an interface developed with you in mind, you can quote and launch a project- no matter how complex- with no waiting time and with all the quality guarantees that Netquest offers.

With Agora, you can lead your research studies with maximum efficiency.

Empowering market research professionals

Agora is a tool that enables you to conduct your research projects single-handedly, bringing you closer than ever to your target audience, faster.With Agora you can:

Create your target

Choose your target audience from our wide catalogue of profiling attributes.

Calculate feasibility

Calculate the feasibility, reach and cost of your project instantly.

Commission and launch

Adjust, commission and launch your project with complete autonomy.

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