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Have you ever had to survey thousands of people to find the ones you’re looking for?

This happens when you don’t have enough profile attributes for your respondents.

The more profiled the panel, the better for you… and for the panelists. When you have more detailed background information, you can simply narrow your focus to the panelists who are relevant to your research. 

At Netquest, we have thousands of in-depth profile attributes ready to go.


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#1 Genuine data: put the panelist first +

We’ve discovered that the best way to collect genuine data is by treating participants fairly. So we’ve developed a unique incentive system that’s it more like an online shop, with all kinds of gifts redeemable by points. Everyone who participates, even those who are screened out, are rewarded. We also test all of our surveys and have an entire department dedicated to protecting the panelist experience by answering their questions. Satisfied participants means to better insights for you.

#2 A closed panel: a unique way of recruiting +

Joining a Netquest panel is something we like to call a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is an invitation-only community. Inviters are given one-time use personal invitations, which lowers the risk of self-selection and duplicates. This creates an exclusive community that, in turn, delivers exclusive data.

#3 Transparency: the ISO certification is a big deal +

As a researcher, you are entitled to know how a panel is built and run. Only an ISO 26362 -certified panel can give you that peace of mind. We tell you every single detail about how we run our panel, beginning with a real figure for its size: according to the ISO, panel size must reflect the number of people who participated in at least one survey in the previous year. So we give you just that: the real thing. Learn everything about ISO norm 26362.

As of October 2020, the ISO 20252 norm comes into force. The most recent standard will replace the current ISO 26362, updating and upgrading it. At Netquest, we are working to obtain the certification that accredits us as complyers with this new ISO. Until then, you can find the Statement of Applicability of the standard and more information here.

#4 Diverse targets: the most profiled +

We establish long-term relationships with our panelists, so we know them really well. Whenever they are screened out from a client survey, we redirect them to an internal profiling survey, so they become loyal and happy panelists and we gather more data about their habits. Every time panelists participate, we gather more profile data on housing, healthcare, automotive, banking, telecommunications, and so on, up to 50 modules. This way, the participation predictive system minimizes unnecessary invitations, which leads to a more efficient use of the panel and a better price for you.

#5 Tech-powered +

We’ve developed our own panel technology, incentive system and data-collection software. Sounds like a lot, right? We fancy ourselves to be quite tech-savvy. Surveys are responsive, and panelists have access to a uniquely branded all-in-one app from which they can participate, share their browsing data and exchange points for incentives. Using technology that we developed and own ourselves enables us to be more innovative.

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For more than 10 years we’ve been granted with the ISO certification 26362 specific for online access panels.

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