DIY Tools: What advantages do they bring to the Market Research?

We’ve been too long on the Internet to deny that the DIY (Do It Yourself) tendency is more than a passing trend or fashion, it is a statement that is here to stay. Surely, you´ve seen a tutorial on Youtube, or have googled DIY face covers at times when they were sold out at drugstores and supermarkets.


But before we get into our business, here’s a brief explanation of what is the DIY tendency: The activity of making or repairing things by yourself. Normally this concept is associated with manual activities, for example, the decoration of a room at your home, or the repair of old clothing. On its side, the use of technology has advanced and proliferated so much that, naturally, it has its own DYI tool now.

These current times, and maybe potentiated by the pandemic’s effects, are characterized by consumers looking for immediate satisfaction: Delivery times, benefits obtained, costs and complexity reductions, etc. In other words, we are looking for things to be easy, fast and efficient.

This way, as an example, industries like Beauty and Personal Care have launched facial cleansing recipes with food ingredients, or the Technology Industry, they have surprised us with countless tutorials for repairing or upgrading a gadget or even a software. Meanwhile, the Market Research Industry is not being left behind, an example: the Netquest DIY Survey Tool.

The Netquest DIY Survey Tool is the most recent addition to our services portfolio. It is the result of theDIY 2 sum of our online access panels, which you know so well, plus MOPIAR, the Argentinian technology that offers a collection and processing data system with the construction of indicators, variables and data georeferencing. This way, obtaining quality data in an easy and quick way stop being something impossible thanks to the combination of the DIY questionnaire programming software and Netquest’s certified quality panels. 


Which are the benefits of this tool?

  • You control the time. You decide when to design, set up and start the field of your questionnaire.

  • Previous knowledge on programming is not required. This is a very easy to use and intuitive platform.

  • Design a custom questionnaire. You’ll be able to choose among many types of questions (open, closed, multiple-choice, numerical) and have the possibility to upload multimedia files.

  • By the way, it already includes the NPS calculation! If you don’t remember what the NPS measures customer experience and satisfaction, it is a key indicator of clients’ loyalty.

  • Real-time field supervision. Watch who has completed the survey, where and when.

  • And no, it is not necessary for you to wait until the report is sent to you. With access to the general dashboard, you’ll be able to self-generate and download data in SPSS and XLSX format.


In summary, besides the capability to program your own custom questionnaire, choosing among different types of questions, uploading multimedia files and controlling the representativeness of your study by using quota control, the Netquest DIY Survey Tool will allow you to process and visualize data in real-time. With its dynamism and flexibility, it adapts to the needs of every client and allows you to shorten the data collection and processing stages. 


Sure, we know what you are thinking, and no, this is not only about you uploading your questions into a smart box. While it is a DIY tool, Netquest will be along the way with you, we have more than 15 years of experience doing online research, a great endorsement which shows we know what we are doing. 


So, reach to us and share your doubts. If you are curious to try the tool, request your demo once and for all.

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