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This is what happens every minute on the Internet: Learn about online consumer behavior
When we want to analyze online consumer behavior, first, we have to delve into the ever-changing digital landscape, exploring what happens every minute in the vast world of the Internet.
July 04, 2023 | María Jesús Berríos
This 2023 break it down with Netquest's quality data for your marketing strategies
We know that, with time, everything changes. Even market research. During 2022, the world of marketing and research experienced a great deal of change. One change was focused on the search for ...
January 13, 2023 | Maria García Limón
Online vs. offline collection, which offers better quality data?
In one form or another, market research and efforts to obtain high-quality data have been around for centuries. Today, thanks to advances in technology, research methods have evolved by leaps and ...
December 15, 2022 | Federico Zambrano Gonzalez
Five keys to selecting a data provider and maximizing your budget
The data provider for your market research is a core element when it comes to getting good results. Your clients’ satisfaction will largely depend on the quality of the data you deliver to them.
Audience measurement as an ally in business objectives
Audience measurement is essential to meeting a company’s objectives. It is a tool to obtain information about the audience that comes into contact with a brand’s content. Today, companies need to be ...
Ensure effective market studies with quality data
The market research industry has recently undergone dramatic changes. To tackle these dynamics, agency researchers (professionals who are part of companies that offer market research services to ...