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The market research industry has recently undergone dramatic changes. To tackle these dynamics, agency researchers (professionals who are part of companies that offer market research services to their clients) are increasingly preparing themselves to address the main challenges in searching for and obtaining high-quality data.

Below, we will analyze some of the challenges that market research brings up. We will also reveal how an agency researcher can acquire the tools they need by using their best ally: technology.


Main challenges that hinder obtaining high-quality data

Today, agency researchers face a range of possibilities in terms of information and methodologies. With so many options on the table, numerous challenges arise.

Conducting consumer-based research can become overwhelming. From planning to carrying out actual studies, many responsibilities and obstacles must be handled.

The company or client that contracts a study expects a detailed analysis, in addition to the initial structured data. Other requirements are usually added to these deliverables, such as a look at trends, economic variables and advertising expenditures, among others.

Indeed, a major obstacle for agency researchers lies in obtaining high-quality data. Their main task is knowing how to select a methodology and distinguish what is the best data, meaning data that is precise, error-free and accurate.

They pursue the same objective when conducting online studies, which can turn into a complex issue. Obtaining clear, transparent and reliable data requires a high-quality sample, which suggests that the data must contain enough information to be able to draw conclusions from it.


Significant changes in research methods and data collection

In light of COVID-19, the world shifted to virtual operations. With this new approach, focus groups and other methodologies used in market research that were once held in-person are now moving online.

Fortunately, this change—a forced one for many—has been evolving in a positive way. The use of tools such as automation and artificial intelligence has demonstrated that high-quality data can be obtained while also achieving greater efficiency in the methodology.

As a result, market researchers will need to keep up with the trends by learning new skills and receiving training in order to fully maximize the benefits of the available advancements.


Earning companies’ trust when collecting data online

Gaining consumers’ and clients’ trust is key. We are talking about an environment in which companies demand transparency about the information collected. For these companies, the following reasons are some of those that prevent them from believing that they are looking at high-quality data:


Physical presence

Many clients who contract a study usually see the panel of respondents in-person during the study. When they are not standing in front of them, their level of trust decreases.

Nevertheless, online methodologies have shown a greater probability of obtaining truthful responses due to respondents’ anonymity and the elimination of in-person interviewers’ possible biases.


They assume their target market is not online

It is common to find clients who question the ability of digital means to reach their target audience. Contrary to this, the current upsurge in mobile connections makes it possible to reach practically all population segments.

They think the panel is not representative

Related to the previous point, clients call into question not only the quality, but also the quantity of people who respond to a survey. However, the online methodology clearly enables increasing the number of survey respondents to meet needs.

They draw a dividing line between the online and offline world

It is often thought that survey respondents exhibit completely different behavior on the Internet. On the contrary, it has been shown that there are no significant differences between the online and offline worlds.

Brevity of the surveys

There is a myth around online surveys: many believe that they can only be used for short studies. However, it has been shown that using fair incentives and panelist-friendly formats can resolve this.

data for researchers


Ensuring high-quality data to earn their trust

When using online collection methods, an agency researcher must take several factors into account to ensure high-quality data. These factors include:


Validation through the ISO 20252 standard

ISO 20252 is the international standard for the market, opinion and social research industry. This standard considers and regulates quality in the use of new research method technologies. Online methodologies, mobile usage and social media usage are included.

If a data provider is backed by this standard, an agency researcher can expect to receive only high-quality data from it. Likewise, they must require that extracted data complies with protection and quality laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Sample technology and design

Using advanced profiling is another way to ensure that the proposed study will yield high-quality data. As a researcher, it is key to consider that the data provider has the ability to generate a 360° view of the consumer.

Data on browsing, online purchases and geolocation are some of the points that must be taken into account to enrich the panel’s responses.


High-quality panel

A suitable sample design must be sought for both qualitative and quantitative studies. Thus, quality control of surveys and recruitment is essential.

We are talking about an online panel made up of genuine people, with the highest quality standards and certified by the ISO 20252 standard. This measure ensures that the people behind the screens are 100% real and, furthermore, they have a close relationship with the company conducting the survey.


Methodology to obtain high-quality data with Netquest

The shift to electronic means to survey consumers is beneficial in several ways. Once the infrastructure is in place, digital data collection is fast and relatively error-free.

However, agency researchers often have doubts about it. Normally, there is an open question around the way companies act to obtain high-quality data. But, if researchers want to stop worrying about it, they just have to choose the right provider. And Netquest might be one of them.

At Netquest, to ensure the extraction of high-quality data, we base our studies’ design on three essential points: genuine people, genuine panels and genuine data.


Genuine people

At Netquest, we currently have nearly two million certified panelists. By using technology to maintain constant communication, we keep up loyal relationships that are constantly improved by using fair rewards and maximum protection of panelists’ data.


Genuine panels

As a data provider backed by the ISO 20252 standard, Netquest has a robust online panel made up of genuine people, with the highest quality and certification standards. 

These processes lead us to carry out rigorous quality control of each study’s sample and field. Filters are constantly being applied, such as:

  • Identity verification
  • ReCAPTCHA to avoid bots
  • Trick questions to ensure the panelist’s attention
  • IP monitoring
  • Consistency of responses

In this way, we ensure the delivery of genuine and high-quality data.


Genuine data

At Netquest, we use a deep knowledge of our panelists and respondents’ digital behavior as one of our main tools. Putting browsing technologies to use enables us to identify multiple variables, but the scope goes far beyond the screens. 

Implementing georeferencing also makes it possible to analyze the physical areas that panelists circulate in, which, in turn, enables comparing this data with their digital behavior. As a result, high-quality and reliable data is obtained.

Intelligently designed market research requires planning, support and the latest technological tools. In that regard, Netquest can become the perfect partner.


If you are an agency researcher looking to rest assured with the results of your next studies, don’t hesitate to contact our experts right away.


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