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The role of audience measurement in marketing strategies post COVID-19
Ever since the world became gripped by the word “pandemic,” threats to the audience measurement ecosystem have been relentless. Long before the crisis, even, the industry was facing several major ...
February 04, 2022 | Maria García Limón
Resilient Consumer, a study that reveals the new Mexican consumer
After more than a year, there is likely not a single person on this planet who does not have at the ready at least 5 ways in which their life has changed since the start of COVID-19 and lockdown. If ...
October 06, 2021 | Maria García Limón
100 years of Market Research...and what does the future hold
Knowing the past enables us to understand the present better and helps us to visualise the future. It is perhaps the reason why history awakens so many passions. The same happens in the world of ...
April 30, 2021 | Ferran Savín
What websites do our female panelists visit?
In recent years, it has become common to see millions of women around the world take to the streets on March 8 to commemorate International Women's Day, demanding rights, supporting victims of gender ...
March 10, 2021 | Maria García Limón
Teenagers, Violence, and COVID-19: A different use for #NetquestData
Usually, when we hear the term “market research,” we think about brands, products, advertising campaigns, and consumers; we don’t often directly associate it with other uses, such as the creation of ...
March 01, 2021 | Maria García Limón
The post-COVID eCommerce scenario in Spain. FMCG as a particular case.
A few weeks ago, Joan Miró, our Director of eCommerce Solutions, presented an interesting webinar in which he talked about the effects that Spaniards' online browsing has been suffering since the ...
August 25, 2020 | Maria García Limón