Precision surveys

Survey panelists based on their browsing habits.

Learn the opinions of panelists who visit certain websites and apps chosen by you. Rest easy in the knowledge that you’re only surveying members of your target: thanks to our Precision Surveys, there’s no longer any need for preliminary questions to screen out undesirables—our system reliably identifies everyone you want included in your study, and no one you don’t.

Traditional, reporting-based research sometimes produces unreliable data, since reported behavior is susceptible to poor memory and, at times, untruthful answers about certain online behavior. By automatically monitoring all our panelists’ online behavior (with their permission), we sidestep both of these obstacles.

Get the best of observation-based and reporting-based research, all wrapped up in one convenient package, thanks to our digital panels that generate data on your target’s browsing habits, even across multiple devices.

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