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Hier entdecken Sie alles, was unsere digitale Bibliothek zu bieten hat, und greifen Sie auf eine Vielzahl von Dokumenten zu Marktforschungstrends zu.
Ebook Geolocation
Revolutionize Your Marketing with Geolocation
From mobile device tracking to location-based advertising, geolocation is vital for delivering personalized experiences, enhancing decision-making, and boosting efficiency across various industries. Its significance lies in its ability to provide precise data that fuels innovation and improves the user experience.
Enhancing an Advertising Space with a Single-source view of its Audience
Join WIRe and the Netquest team to explore the influence of TV ads on behavior in the Mexican market. Discover intriguing insights into advertising effectiveness, including the interaction between audience demographics, message resonance, and platform context.
Discover, in 5 #GenuineData, the pink fever that took over the market
The most famous doll made her way to the cinemas causinga sensation and demonstrating that she can definitely “doit all”: collaborations with brands, turning Google pink, andbeing the topic of conversation for everyone. Without adoubt, she has inspired us to be a part of this too! That’swhy at Netquest, we’ve also gone pink and bring you somedata obtained with the power of Behavioral data from ourpanels in Chile, Spain, and the United States.
Use Case Shakira
Shakira vs. Piqué: The CASIO Controversy
Do you know how a negative reference can impact your brand or product? Do you believe that good and bad publicity exist, or only general publicity?

In this Practical Case study conducted in collaboration with Séntisis, we show you how with the perfect combination of data, you can understand the advertising impact of your brand.
Audio-matching: The missing piece in audience measurement
In today's competitive environment, knowing if our advertising is reaching its target audience is more important than ever. Fortunately, today we have audio-matching technology that gives you a complete picture of the effectiveness of your marketing budget, thanks to the cross-measurement of your campaigns.
Transform your insights with behavioral data
In this ebook you will find a guide to learn everything you need to become an expert in the world of behavioral data.
Passion for Qatar 2022 World Cup
In a data-matching exercise, we've taken a deep dive into soccer fans in 6 different countries and discovered some jaw-dropping figures!
Pandemic fit?: The use of fitness apps during and after confinement
During confinement, in Mexico there were great changes in the lifestyle of the population; At Netquest we discovered that, during this time, fitness apps showed an increase in the number of downloads and we obtained interesting figures.
Hot Sale 2022 Argentina
Hot Sale 2022 in Argentina seen with #NetquestData
Offers and discounts, two important dates for eCommerce in Argentina. We took on the task of comparing data between Cyber ​​Monday 2021 and HotSale 2022.
Mercado Libre: Optimizing a campaign with crossmedia data. Spanish report
What is better, investing in TV or Digital? On the radio or on Spotify? On YouTube or on social networks? Without the proper tool, it was difficult to draw such conclusions.
Understanding the Online Shopper in Spain Through Their Use of Social Media
Use Case: Understanding the Online Shopper in Spain Through Their Use of Social Media to know what products are social media users in Spain purchasing.
Understanding the Online Shopper in Brazil Through Their Use of Social Media
Use Case: Understanding the Online Shopper in Brazil Through Their Use of Social Media to know what products are social media users in Brazil purchasing.
“Squid Game”: Green Light on Audience Numbers
Case Study "The Squid Game" in which we measure its audience with our digital behavior panel and Fluzo's ACR technology.
The post COVID E-commerce Scenario in Spain
After surpassing the peak of COVID-19 infections in Spain, at Netquest we were curious to know what were the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on e-commerce. Read this use case developed with Netrica data.
Who is who with Behavioral Data?
Separating data from several individuals sharing one single browsing device is a challenge. This paper explores a new method for dividing this passive (behavioral) data.
COVID-19: How Digital Behavior Has Changed
The changes caused by the COVID-19 outbreak were sudden. We monitored searches and online platforms usage to find out how people's digital behavior was modified.
E-commerce sales on Fast Moving Consumer Goods
The results of the innovative research we conducted together with the Spanish business association AECOC to learn more about online (e-commerce) sales of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).
Which are the most used Social Media Apps?
In this use case we combined behavioral and profiling data to know more about how social media apps were used. Download the use case and find out at what hours these apps reach increased the most.
Measuring the Reach of Social Media during the Copa América
Download the use case and discover how the Copa América final match was experienced in social media, and how the event influenced these platforms' reach.
The most common profiles of Netflix’s users in US, Uk and Spain
In this use case, we used behavioral data from Netquest’s panelists who visited or used the app, and segmented them according to their frequency of visit.
Innovative ways of measuring media exposure with audio-matching
Learn how the Spanish public TV channel RTVE measured the media exposure of their audience using audio-matching, the latest innovation to help you understand new consumption patterns.
How Do Modern Families Buy Toys for the Holidays?
We combined opinion data and online behavioral data to discover the path to purchase of buying toys online. Read this use case and find out what’s the most wanted gift for kids.
How to Successfully Conduct Online Research in Latin America
All you need to know to collect online data in Latin America. In this ebook you will find tips to avoid critical mistakes, improve data quality and save money.
Use Case_Amazon Shopper
What Amazon Weaknesses Can Brands and E-Tailers Leverage?
A data combination use case, conducted with Netquest Panel in the United States and in partnership with Colourtext. The study aimed to reveal how Amazon users truly shop online.
eBook_Data Visualization
Visualizate It!
An illustrated content material that will take you through the A-Z of data visualization. An intensive course to create and analyze interactive market research reports.
Use Case_Travel
Uncovering the Online Competition with Behavioral Data
A client in the travel industry was interested in what were consumers doing beyond their website. By using behavioral data, our client was able to see how consumers interact with major competitors online.
Use Case_Personal Care
Do Personal Care Consumers Lack Brand Loyalty?
In this use case we uncover the unique online behaviour of personal care consumers. GfK wanted to understand how online browsing affects the path to purchase in the personal care industry.
Use Case_New Mothers
Getting the full picture: Understanding Brazilian mom’s online behaviour
Find out what recently pregnant and/or first time moms look for when they navigate online. A data combination study requested by a worldwide diaper manufacturer, and conducted to our panel in Brazil.
Use Case Pernod Ricard
Converting Consumers to Buy Online in the Alcohol Industry
Find out how Pernod Ricard increased their e-commerce sales. This data combination use case allowed understanding the online behavior and the path to purchase of their consumers.
Use Case Top Apps in US
Top Apps in the United States
App popularity depends on the device: Find out the top ten apps on iOS, Android, and Tablet users based on behavioral data.
Use Case US Segmentation
Segmenting the US Online E-Shopper
Discover how passive metering technology in combination with traditional surveys can help you segment and target your online audience.
eBook_Behavioral Data101
Behavioral Data 101
A complete guide to the new world of behavioral research. With this ebook, discover how to start incorporating observed data into your research projects.
Infographic_Symphony of Data
A Symphony of Data
Orchestrating data combinations to give you a 360° view. of the consumer
Statistical calculators
Make common statistical calculations in a simple way and calculate the sample size you need and the significant difference.
Article_ebook ODC
The Essentials of Online Data Collection
This ebook explains in a simple, brief and direct way, how online data collection works. It answers, among other things, what’s the difference between traditional and online research.
use case streaming
The Major Streaming Platforms in 2021
After the pandemic, due to the lockdowns and new lifestyles that began to be adopted, consumption habits underwent major changes. So, we took on the task of analyzing which streaming platforms were the favorites in Argentina and Portugal during 2021.
Article_webinar behavioral data
Measuring online impacts using behavioral data
Julia Jenks, Vice President, Worldwide Research & Analysis, Motion Picture Association and Ben Boix, Managing Director US & Canada, Netquest share a case study in how to use behavioural data.
Article_webinar postcovid
The post-COVID eCommerce Scenario in Spain
Learn about an analysis of the situation of E-commerce in Spain post COVID using Netrica data from Netquest.
Article_infografic high quality
5 Characteristics to Look For in a High-Quality Data Provider
Currently, technological innovation has allowed great advances in the industry that, together with a good data provider, will allow you to have access to real and quality data.
Article_infografics hispanic panels
US Hispanics Panel
Understand the US Hispanic consumer base.
Article_infografia NAG
Netquest at a glance
Base your insights on genuine data. Read this infographic and get to know us.
use case compra en linea AMVO
Online Shoppers’ Experience in 2021 vs 2020
We've created an opinion survey use case to learn about the primary drivers of e-commerce.
use case futbol
Brands in Soccer: the playing field also matters
Use Case: Brands in Soccer: the playing field also matters. We've created a data combination use case to prove that the soccer audiences are not all the same.
use case competitor metrics
Use Case Competitor Metrics and Consumer Journeys
Behavioral data can uncover online metrics about your consumers and give you a clear eye view of consumer journeys like never before! Read the use case today.
infografia focus groups
ABC’s of Online Focus Groups
A visual guide with everything you need to know to migrate your focus groups to the digital ecosystem, including recommendations on how to use this methodology for your qualitative studies.
infografhic behavioral data
What to look for in behavioural data
Behavioural data has been changing the industry as we know it. In this infographic discover what you have to know to join the future of market research.
infografia master data
The 7 Step Checklist to Master Data Quality
A visual guide with useful tips for working with quality data. Ensuring high quality data is a responsibility of utmost importance for market research professionals.
infografia 10 myths
9 Myths of Online Research
We listed the most frequent doubts about online research in this infographic. Check out how we break 9 myths that you surely have heard before.
Article_whitepaper contjoin
Designing products with the help of conjoint analysis
Learn how you can design a Conjoint study. This material explains, among other things, when you can use this methodology and what items you should consider.
Article_whitepaper iso norm
10 facts about ISO Standard 26362
A brief explanation of the ISO 26362. This standard establishes the evaluation (and quality) criteria for both online access panels providers and the panels themselves.
use case - apps comida domicilio
Food delivery apps: What’s their reach?
An internal research, combining behavioral and profiling data, to discover the most popular delivery apps among users. Download this use case and also access the ranking by app’s reach.

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