Nicequest App: Blend of Declarative and Behavioral Research

At Netquest we wanted to start this new year full of energy, so we have dedicated these first three months of the year to launch our first app for mobile devices –smartphones, phablets, tablets- for Google Play Store and for App Store iOS.

It is well known that the “mobile revolution” is already a fact and the market research industry is not aside of this. Our daily activity is increasingly moving towards mobile devices and, concretely, towards smartphones. We are living an era of change or even a real “social transformation” where technology is gaining more weight every day.

ericsson_mobility_report_022015Ericsson Mobility Report February 2015

Only 30 years have gone by since the first “mobile” phones appeared, although their huge size makes us doubt their “mobility” today: they were big, almost like toys and very expensive. Now, instead, mobile phones imply powerful weapons of massive information at our disposal. And, as this recent study from Ericsson shows, it almost seems that the least important is that smartphones allow us to call. This chart shows the evolution of data traffic compared to “voice” traffic.

wc_mobileWho isn´t familiar with this picture? Yes, almost 75% of smartphone owners use it in the bathroom.

These are only two graphic examples of the digital and mobile world. So much more could be written about it, but the most relevant information here is that Netquest has launched the new Nicequest app to deal with these real changes that every consumer is facing nowadays.


These apps have two goals:

1. Enhance the participation experience of Nicequest Panel collaborators.

These new apps offer a more comfortable and fast mobile solution for the participant. Thanks to them it is possible to answer surveys, access to incentives, manage personal data and share online navigation information as well as geolocation.

2. Respond to the increasing demands of the industry and the market to capture consumer opinions as well as their online behaviour in a combined way.

Nicequest Android and iOS apps are the first mobile apps in the world of market research that capture consumer opinions through surveys and their online navigation data, thanks to the software provided by Wakoopa. And all this from a single platform, a true one-stop solution.

These apps already allow online survey completion and in the short term, they will allow other types of projects such as in-the-moment surveys, geolocated surveys and specific tasks, among others.

We really hope these apps improve the panelist experience and we encourage you all to download them in the respective app stores:

App for Android devices: Google Play Store

App for Apple devices: iOS App Store

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