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We are very pleased to inform you that today Netquest is expanding its range of services with a new digital platform for research communities or MROCs (Market Research Online Communities). This platform, combined with our technology and our panels, opens up many opportunities in the field of qualitative online research.

According to the 2016 GRIT report, research online communities will grow more this year than almost any other data collection technique. This statistic does not surprise us, as this methodology has been growing notably for some years and is bringing very valuable, useful insights to all companies who take the plunge with the technique.

With this service, apart from being able to meet a latent demand from researchers, Netquest seeks to substantially improve the success of these projects in the sector. For this reason, in the next few months we will publish posts related to research methodology in online communities, with a particular focus on the recruitment process and participants.



Importance of methodology

In the next few publications we will share with you our experience in recruiting participants for research communities. We will show the importance of choosing the participants in a community correctly. For example, of two equally valid participants for carrying out a survey, only one is valid to ensure good participation in a community, and we will explain the reasons leading us to make this kind of selection. We will also present examples of good and bad communication and its effect on recruitment. In addition, we will analyse the opinion of participants after forming part of an online community to gain an understanding of the good practices needed to ensure a good experience for them and promote good participation. As you will appreciate, this technique has opened up a new world in research on research and we all need to learn in order to obtain what we need: valid opinions.

How do we ensure success in a research online community? Focus on participants and the quality of the database

We can now say that one of the keys to success is having a high-quality database where optimum recruitment can be carried out. We ensure such quality with a strong panel, with highly profiled people and information about whether they are prepared to take part in qualitative online studies. This also means the people who form part of the panel have the confidence and security that they are in known, safe environments and that they will, as always, receive personalized attention and a good incentive for participation. This necessarily requires having a digital platform integrated with the panel, making it possible to hold all kinds of activities, such as debates, co-creation, surveys and daily blogs, as well as uploading photos and videos with their mobiles, creating heat maps, etc.

If you are a researcher you can trust the recruitment and technology of Netquest communities and focus only on moderation and research. We do all the rest.

Find out more about our platform in forthcoming posts.


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