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E-commerce metrics to increase your market share
Undoubtedly, the e-commerce world has become increasingly competitive in recent years. With so many buying options available, it’s vital for businesses today to use appropriate e-commerce metrics to ...
June 13, 2023 | Nicolas Kiczij
Optimize your audience measurement with a symphony of high-quality data
Audience measurement is crucial for brands and research agencies looking to obtain high-quality data. This is because if we aren’t measuring, we aren’t learning, much less optimizing. However, the ...
May 17, 2023 | Maria García Limón
E-commerce metrics at research agencies: Key to not losing clients this 2023
What strategies are you using to measure the behavior of consumers who go to your clients’ websites to make purchases? Did you know that, today, various methods of collecting e-commerce metrics can ...
March 14, 2023 | Ricardo Córdova
High-quality data with Wakoopa: Create effective online campaigns
Imagine you want to buy a car. First, you decide to visit the manufacturer’s website for information on the models that interest you. Then, you go to the authorized dealer’s website to check prices ...
October 18, 2022 | Enric Cid
The data provider as a complement to your research agency
Do you know what the most useful asset for marketing professionals is today? The answer: data. There is no doubt that we are currently living in a golden age for data providers, as they are one of ...
September 08, 2022 | Juan Pablo Núñez
Audio matching: A revolution in audience measurement
Have you ever wondered why digital media analytics are dominated by metrics such as page views, clicks, and so on? To answer this question, we have to look far beyond the advent of the internet. Ever ...
July 26, 2022 | Elder Munhoz