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The Super Bowl Stats You Haven't Seen Yet
People are no longer watching the Super Bowl for the commercials. Women are still the future of the NFL. Online grocers are reaping the benefits of Super Bowl Prep. Plus, much more.
February 13, 2018 | Katie Hagan
A Look at Online Purchase Trends in the US with Passive Metering
Passive meters are the latest development in the market research industry. Passive meters are downloaded or installed by panelists so they can provide a more holistic view of the market. Meters ...
January 30, 2018 | Gil Oliveira
On speeding up your R scripts 
As memory and computational capacities increase, so does the amount of data we deal with daily. The storage of navigation data is growing exponentially every year, and processing such data sets may ...
January 11, 2018 | Anna Bellido
6 Most Common Behavioral Data Questions Answered
Two researchers walk into a bar. The one studies psychopathology. The other studies behavioral economics. Long story short, after a few cold ones, they end up in a drunken fit of rage arguing about ...
November 20, 2017 | Katie Hagan
Ready for Behavioral Research? Ask Yourself These Questions.
LinkedIn does a “Daily Rundown” everyday. Curated by LinkedIn’s finest editors, it’s an article that lands in your notifications very early in the morning, every morning, to give you the scoop on ...
November 03, 2017 | Katie Hagan