What are the Most Popular Social Media Channels in Spain?

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Use of smartphones and social media is common across the whole world. As the smartphone users grow, so do the social media users. Meanwhile, access to tablets or computers is rarer. In this ever changing scenario, it’s key to watch the market for new insights. 

Netquest Behavioral Data brings a consistent overview on how people behave online: from  online searching in browsers, pages they navigate, purchase data and much more, but for today, we will be sharing data collected among our panelists, about the most popular Social Media Channels in Spain, as of February 2021.


How did we do so? simple. Using our Behavioral Data, we focused on Smartphone Users among our panelists to obtain some Social Media Statistics per channel, to give you a concise overview on which are the most popular social Media channels in Spain, in february 2021. 

For this article we used Behavioral Data gathered from our spanish panelists, analyzing the use they did on selected social media channels in February 2021. The data was obtained with the explicit permission of our panelists, as per GDPR and ISO20252. 

The research sample consists of Netquest Panelists, mobile users living in Spain, equally distributed between men and women (49.6% Men and 50.4% Women).

Understanding who is using social media channels in Spain, will play an important part in deciding what strategies you should use.

According to ´Statista´, a company specializing in market and consumer data, the number of smartphone users in Spain was estimated to reach approximately 39.14 million. By 2024 the number of users is predicted to grow by nearly one million to 40.33 million users.

According to the annual study of social media 2020 by NapoleonCat. that is a social media management tool, Spain has currently more than 32 Million Facebook Users, 21 Million Instagram Users, and 14 Million LinkedIn Users.

Here, we provide additional data gathered from our panelists, about the average time these Social Media Channels are used. Our panelists spend most of the time on Facebook that is followed closely by YouTube and Instagram.

  • The majority of Facebook users are female, as of February 2021, (according to our Panelists behavioral data)

Considering that Spain's population stood at approximately 47 million inhabitants in 2021, according to ´Statista´,  this figure translates into a penetration of almost 68 percent of the country. (Source: NapoleonCat.)

Based on the behavioral data gathered among our panelists in Spain, the majority of Facebook users were women - 51.9%.

Women aged 35 to 44 were the largest user group with 30.8% in the total female users.

Men aged 45-54 are the largest user group among male (25.6%).










  • There were 21 Million Instagram users in Spain in 2020, which accounted for 44.6% of its entire population (Source: NapoleonCat.)

Among our  panelists, the majority of the Instagram users were women, 59%

Women aged 25 to 34 and 35 to 44 were the largest user group with 29% share of each group in the total female users.

Men aged 25-34 are the largest user group among male (26.2%)









  • According to the information gathered from our panelists, LinkedIn is the most popular channel among men

53% of the total users are men and the most popular age group is 35-44, with 27% share.




  • Twitter is one more popular channel among men with 53% share in total users (according to our Panelists behavioral data)

Men aged 25-34 are the largest user group among male (24%)

Women aged 35 to 44 were the largest user group with 28.27% in the total female users.




  • YouTube is one more star among social media channels,

YouTube is one of the top Social Media Channels according to the average time spent by our panelists in Spain.

According to our Behavioral Data gathered in Spain, 52.8% of the total Netquest panelists using YouTube are women and 47% - men,

Among women, 35-44 age group users have the most of the share with 30%.

Men aged 35-44 account for 25%, with the largest user group.




Our thoughts: as an organization providing 360 customer data is now how likely you will use all these data and how you will develop your company and future projects for consumers who are becoming more and more socially engaged people in Spain.

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