Autumn in Munich: what we have to say about research & results ‘15

More than fallen leaves and a chilly weather, autumn in Munich presents itself as the perfect scenario for one of the most important events in the market research industry, the Research & Results trade show. This year the fair took place on October 28-29 at the MOC (Munich Order Center).

The tenth edition set a new record, counting with a remarkable attendance of almost 170 exhibitors and more than 3200 participants. In addition, the workshop program that complemented the exhibition was perfectly in line with this year’s slogan, “Knowledge of your Market. Now and in Future”, where professionals of the sector gave lectures on the main current topics in market research business; such as qualitative market research, electronic measurements and customer satisfaction.

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Being my first time at the trade show I had the chance to witness how Research & Results has truly become a more international event, where you can find exhibitors and participants from all over the world.  Likewise the German presence could be well appreciated too. For me it was very interesting to see how market research industry keeps reinventing itself, evolving and adapting to the needs of consumers. As well as having such a notable impact on a global scale nowadays.

Check out what the rest of our Netquest team, who attended the event in Munich, has to say about this.


Joaquim Bretcha

International Business Unit Director

The Research & Results Trade Show has already positioned itself as the main meeting point for the European Market Research companies and professionals. It has achieved a good formula, a good balance between Trade Show and content via its workshops.

2015 has been its 10th edition. I am proud to say that Netquest may be one of its first International exhibitors, having "discovered" this event back in 2009. Its internationalization is a fact. Visitors and exhibitors are no longer coming only from Germany but from all over the world. The fact that it still counts with many Research agencies combined with technology and panel companies makes it even richer. It is a good opportunity to get a good feel of what is new in the market.

Thinking of Netquest, I'd say that this year has been our best edition. During these last years we have already gained a good positioning in the German market and, indeed, at a global level. So, it has been very effective and, from a personal perspective, very rewarding to see so many friends from the industry.

What I would ask the organization? First, to make it even more English, in order to attain a higher level in the internationalization. A second crucial measure from my point of view would be to organize a "first-night landing network event" for those professionals coming from abroad. Having just one night networking event is not enough. We need a second one for Tuesday night. Although it is true that most of us end up having dinner at the historical Munich's Hofbräuerhaus, it is important to set a formal meeting.

Andrea Dávila

International Quotation

The Research & Results 2015 was a perfect experience for a first contact with the events and fairs’ world in the market research industry. Great event and organization merging local and internationalization, which is clearly obtaining its way through.

Clearly, Netquest has gained a good mind positioning and image over the years. A combination of interests and information seek towards our strong online data fieldwork as well as the newest behavioral observation made many people from different scopes and branches of the industry come by our stand.

The event also implied a great opportunity to reinforce relationships with existing clients and bring many of them even closer. Personally, I can already see the first effects of the event in our inbox and project bidding request. As we always say, “putting faces into names” we work with every day, helps a lot giving our clients a feeling of proximity, which reflects the importance of quality in Netquest, both towards our clients and panels.

Last but not least, I wanted to highlight the great job that our sales people do, in this case Joaquim and Andreas, in keeping their best energy during events and meetings when travelling. The Netquest team attending this event without doubt was glue. 

Andreas Wech

International Sales Director

For me personally, being a German native speaker - if my Austrian dialect still counts -  this event is of course some kind of a “home-game” and I really enjoyed two entire days and one long Research Club night communicating, listening and learning. In my humble opinion, the R&R was the best event I attended during 2015.

In the classic "German Trade Fair" set-up, the event has become very international. I met many existing clients and very interesting prospects not only from Germany (& D-A-CH), but also from UK, France, Netherlands, USA and many more European countries. From the feedback I have received from them, sure the event will further grow its international importance in 2016.

From a pure commercial standpoint, the R&R is a great environment to network, but at the same time it is a bit difficult to find a “quiet corner” to have in-depth business meetings in the exhibition area. The mix of attendees is outstanding - you could run into anyone from top Level Management of Top50 MR companies to students who will soon pop up in the Industry. Also, I saw many end-clients walking around and attending the Workshops. To even better spread our messages (i.a. High Quality Panel delivery and Passive Measurement), I hope we will organize a joint Netquest-Wakoopa Workshop in German&English next year.



Our Netquest team at the stand

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