Trends Detection from the Market Research Perspective

Last week, Netquest participated at the main French Market Research meeting point, le Printemps des Études. Located in the so elegant and ancient stock exchange of Paris premises, the Palais de Brongniart, this event has reunited the bread and butter of the French data Insights industry for the last 7 years.

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ESOMAR representatives in France Isabelle Fabry-Fremaux and Anne Dionisi-Fung coordinated the international track. It included thoughtful sessions about the GDPR, the role of Women in Research and Trends Detection. The latter counted with the presence of Emma Fric (Peclers -France), Daniëlla Roymans and Pernille Kok-Jensen (Mare – Netherlands) and our very own Joaquim Bretcha.

Under the title “Trends Detection from the Market Research Perspective”, Joaquim reflected on the impact technology has on detecting trends as well as on the new capabilities it brings to researchers. He exposed 5 cases to represent the wide palette of options Market Research offers in this field. Being all first-class cases, the selection graded the use of technology in them:

Case 1: A combination of Desk Research and citizens & experts interviews provided by Klaus van den Berg (NL)

Case 2: A combination of adhoc insights and a creativity community provided by François Petavy from eYeka (FR)

Case 3: A combination of Automated Text and Image Analytics supported by Machine Learning provided by Preriit Souda from Kantar (UK)

Case 4: A combination of Human and Machine intelligence provided by German Dziebel from sparks&honey (US)

Case 5: A combination of Behavioral Data and adhoc surveys provided by Mark Jefford from YouGov (UK)

We thank Klaus, François, Preriit, German and Mark for their valuable contribution. Joaquim’s reflections on the role technology currently plays in detecting trends plus those outstanding cases set the scenario for Peclers and Mare brilliant experiences. If you are interested in getting a pdf copy of the presentation send us an email .

Bien à vous. Joaquim

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