Getting the most of the ESOMAR Congress

September is a great month. I’ve always loved it. Okay, you may be thinking “Well… it’s not that great. For me, it’s just the moment to say “goodbye” to my holidays and “hello” to my never-ending email inbox”. I’ll give you that. But let’s see the bright side of life: September can be the best month ever. It’s a month full of new projects, the weather is softer but not freezing yet, the trees are dressing their crowns with colourful leaves, and most importantly: your kids should be already back to school! (okay, you love them, but let’s be honest: school can be a welcome relief). Besides, if you work (as I do) in the Market Research industry, it’s the time to live the experience of the ESOMAR Congress. Oh yeah!!

I’m just so excited to be attending this event for the first time. I’ve heard so much about it, so I can’t wait to be there. As you can imagine, I want to get the most out of my first time, so I’ve prepared this quick checklist on how to get ready, live the moment, and remember the experience of the ESOMAR World Congress. Hope it helps you too!


1. Select the speaking slots you don’t want to miss.


Check the agenda. You’ll see there’s a sea of interesting topics that will be showcased. ESOMAR has crafted a compelling program  that covers the hottest topics in the MR industry: digital transformation, artificial Intelligence, voice assistance, neuromarketing, privacy,  storytelling, content engagement, insights connection... there's one background idea connecting all these dots. Innovation. Brilliant, right?

The Netquest insider tip: Don’t miss Raúl Gordo (Omnicom Media Group) and Marc Smaluhn (Netquest Managing Director for EU) delivering a presentation about how to combine different types of data to understand the toy business during the Christmas sales campaign. Remember, Tuesday 25th, 11:20am in the Technovate room. 



2. Make a list of contacts you want to network with.


+ 900 attendees coming from different worldwide countries, and just 3 days to know them. There’s no way of reaching them all, right? Then you have no other option but prioritize. The good news is that ESOMAR is offering the Networking Tool invitation to all attendees. It is a platform designed to help event participants connect and engage with other attendees. Once you’ve decided the ones you want to meet, message, and meet them in the venue!

The Netquest insider tip: Whether you use the Networking Tool or not, we’d like to invite you to pass by to say “hi” at our booth. We’ll be sharing the event with all the friends that want to visit us and bring our “symphony of data” campaign to life! Remember: you can check the floorplan and find the booth 46/47 or just look for the hanging Netquest logo!


3. Prepare your best dance steps and be ready to live a 360º experience


I know you want to listen to all the talks and meet tons of interesting people, but keep in mind Esomar Congress is much more than just a Congress, and more than its well known party: It’s a holistic experience that has to be felt. Music, snacks, performances… So prepare yourself for EVERYTHING. Sleep well the previous night. Save your energy, because the best is yet to come!


The Netquest insider’s tip: this year, we’ll be putting our two cents in to this 360º party by offering all the visitors to bring their favorite symphony into life. We’ll have a Rock Band Hero Experience so that anybody who comes to our booth can feel like Paul McCartney playing the bass, beat the drums like Keith Moon, or just give it their all singing like their preferred rock star. Why not play along? Don’t miss it!


Bonus track: You can’t make it to Berlin this year? Don’t worry! We have the solution: Register now to the ESOMAR TV powered by Netquest, and enjoy the biggest festival of Market Research.





Now that you have accomplished your whole checklist, and you are ready for the party, I bet I Know what you are thinking… Thank God it’s September!!! 😜

See you at the ESOMAR Congress!

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