8 reasons not to miss ESOMAR 70th Congress

When Netquest was born over 15 years ago, we didn’t think we would get this far or see the fast paced growth we’ve been experiencing. The only thing we had on our minds was the desire to make the market research industry better each and every day. It’s amazing that if you focus hard enough every day, those days turn into years and all of a sudden your dreams become reality.

We are pretty sure this was also the dream that ESOMAR founders had on their minds when they first met in 1947, in the middle of a continent that was still recovering from an awful war. There was no time to waste: They had a desire. A hope. A dream.  And they got to work.

Good news is that dreams sometimes do come true. ESOMAR Conference is celebrating its 70th anniversary. That means 70 years of driving change in the MR industry. For us, this is a good enough reason not to miss this outstanding event that will take place on the 10-14th of September in Amsterdam (city that held the first Congress 70 years ago). But you can bet there are even more reasons that make ESOMAR 70th Congress a must-attend event.

Here you have our main reasons why you shouldn’t miss this year’s Esomar Congress!



1. It's the biggest event in the industry


















It may seem obvious, but we still would like to remind you: ESOMAR World Congress is the biggest and most important market research event of the year. They define it as a festival, a celebration, an innovation hotspot for the data, research and insights profession” that drives forward-thinking. ESOMAR events are always a source of knowledge and inspiration. If you don't believe us, have a look at our highlights from the ESOMAR LATAM Conference 2017 and you will understand :)

With all that said, who in the MR business would dare to miss it?


2. A “visionary” approach

Visionary Approach_esomar_Congress_Netquest.jpg
















When someone turns 70 years old, it’s typically a time to look back at the legacy they have left behind over the years... But, this is not ESOMAR’s style. They have a much more appealing proposition for us on their 70th anniversary: They are inviting us not to look at the past, but ahead, into the future. And that is precisely the theme for the event: Visionary.

They will have a room dedicated to analyzing the new challenges and trends that the market research industry will be facing in the years to come. If you want to keep in this industry in the upcoming years, this is definitely something you need to know now.


 3. A programme full of speeches and discussions. 

















This year’s programme will not leave you indifferent. 

You will have the opportunity to hear speeches and discussions about Gamification, Virtual Reality, Image Mining, Text Analytics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Big Data and much more. You'll, of course, find out how all of these things will impact the market research industry too.


4. The Young ESOMAR Society, saying YES! to the future.



Oriol Bosch.png













You will hear the most revolutionary proposals, made by a new generation of promising researchers. We have a particular recommendation for you: Keep an eye on Oriol Bosch, who will be proposing the idea of respondents answering open ended questions orally in web surveys using voice input options. Sounds interesting, right? ;)


 5. International networking opportunities.


















Long gone are the days when ESOMAR was an all European organization. Nowadays, they are hosting international events in Asia, Latin America and North America, and members from all over the world are attending. For this special occasion, ESOMAR will be welcoming speakers and delegates from no less than 70 different countries. As you can imagine, the conference will be a meeting point for people with different experiences, cultures and backgrounds to share their knowledge, discoveries and business opportunities. So, bring plenty of business cards, networking at this event is going to be worth using every one of them!


6. Top brands will be there.


















By attending the Congress, you will have the opportunity to see some of the biggest brands. Just a few brands who will be in attendence are: Coca-cola, Diageo, Air France, easyJet, Nestle, Jaguar and Microsoft will be there (this last one will be organizing a hackathon on Sunday 10th).


7. An outstanding venue, an outstanding city.


Amsterdam_City ESOMAR 70th Congress_Netquest.jpg




















It may not be your main reason to attend a market research event, but it definitely deserves your attention. This year’s meeting will take place at the impressive Beurs van Berlage building, one of the most important buildings in the Netherlands. Located in the heart of the Amsterdam, well connected within walking distance of Central Station. 

This building was planned to be a commodity exchange venue, and its majesty would influence many modernists architects. Don’t lose sight of the open spaces  where some of the most important nowadays events in the Netherlands take place, such as the wedding of King Willem-Alexander and Máxima Zorreguieta in 2002 or the ESOMAR World Congress this 2017!

And, what can’t we say about Amsterdam? You’ll be in the City of Freedom, an intercultural and diverse oasis in the heart of Europe, where art and culture live side by side in unique relaxing atmosphere. You’ll have plenty to do: Visiting the canals that shape the city; smelling the tulips that give aroma and colour to the streets; being face to face with some of the most famous Van Gogh paintings. The best part, you can just jump on a bike and discover it all in one of the most cycle-friendly cities in the world.  


8. Party.


















Last but not least. You might come to this year’s congress because of the amazing programme but a little party never hurt nobody! This is where you really meet  people, where you have fun, where magic happens. Every birthday must have a party to celebrate it. ESOMAR Congress won’t be the exception to this rule. In fact, for such an occasion, there will be not just one but two parties!

On Monday, you can join the 70th birthday toast at the rooftop of the first Heineken brewery, an iconic venue you are going to fall in love with.

On Tuesday, a not-so-traditional Awards Show will be waiting for you. ESOMAR has promised to surprise all of the attendees with something different from the traditional sit down evening we are used to and we can’t wait to find out what they have in store!

The only things you can be sure of are: Food, drinks and energy to rock the dancefloor are guaranteed!


EXTRA BONUS:  ESOMAR TV Streaming Powered by Netquest.

If you are already convinced that joining us at the Congress is a great idea, but cannot attend, do not worry! There’s still an opportunity for you to “attend” the conference no matter where you are. ESOMAR and Netquest have teamed up to broadcast a live stream of the event, all you have to do is register!


Even if you are attending the event, we encourage you to register for the live stream. This broadcasting will give you unlimited access to all of the recorded sessions, case studies, interviews and discussions event when you’re back home!

The best part, ESOMAR TV live stream registration is already open and it’s FREE! 

What are you waiting for? See you at the ESOMAR World Congress!


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