What is a survey?

Who hasn't participated in a survey? Whether it's about your healthy habits, political preferences, or even to understand your shopping experience at a store, surveys are a widely used tool in the modern world to collect data on a wide variety of topics. 


Today there is a wide variety of surveys ranging from the classic paper questionnaire to online or telephone surveys, which allow adaptation to a wide variety of profiles or situations. 

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What is a survey and what is its function?  

What is a survey? A survey is a research method used to collect data and analyze the opinions or trends of one or more groups of people in society. 

Its main function is to provide reliable information and data to better understand a specific topic and make necessary decisions based on the data obtained. 


How surveys are designed

A well-designed survey is crucial for obtaining reliable and valid data. 

For a survey to be appropriate, it must have clear and concise questions, choose the right participants, and use the data collection method that best suits the audience we want to target. (E.g., online, telephone, or in-person surveys). 


How surveys differ from interviews 

Both surveys and interviews have the main objective of collecting information. But these types of research use a very different approach and methodology. 

While surveys are based on standardized questionnaires and are usually directed at a larger group of people, interviews involve interacting directly with individuals, thus allowing for more detailed information to be obtained instantly. 


Characteristics of surveys 

Surveys are often anonymous and, therefore, allow participants to give more direct and honest responses. What are surveys used for? They are often used to obtain representative samples of a specific population group. 


For this research method, different types of questions (open-ended, closed-ended, Likert scale, etc.) are usually used to obtain tailored information in each case. 


Would you like to create your own survey?  

If you want to create your own survey, it is essential that you understand the basic principles of sampling or survey design. 


Learn about the different types of surveys available and which one best suits what you want to achieve. Also, we advise you to use reliable tools that ensure the result you want and allow you to keep respondents' data secure. 


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