Changes in the Market Research: GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative

Henry Ford once said “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself” and we do agree with him. At Netquest, we believe team playing is essential to achieve great things, things that matters. For that reason, every chance we have of taking part in activities and collaborations, we just seize them!


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This is exactly what came to us, with the GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative. We understood we had to be part of that dream team that will be working to improve respondent experience. As this is exactly the core of our inner philosophy and one of our 5 panel superpowers, by treating participants fairly they become users willing to share their genuine opinions and behavior with us openly. Because they trust us. ;) 




But, what is exactly the GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative?

Ok, let’s start from the very beginning. The Goal of the GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative is to get more people to participate in research more often by improving participant engagement and the user experience. To that end, the initiative brings research agencies, data collectors, and end-clients together to work in partnership on achieving this aim.  


Great objective! How can we make it happen?

The GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative has settled two main goals: one part of the initiative is focused on deploying metrics to estimate and improve the user experience directly by working together with clients and suppliers, and the other is on improving awareness of, and engagement with, just how important participant engagement is for the vibrant future of our sector.

Both are equally important: solid metrics are the essential starting point when it comes to improving UX, as they will let us gain a better understanding of what is driving a good or bad experience while improving awareness of the importance of participant engagement is a real need in market research sector nowadays. As participants make possible market research, disregarding their user experience in the research process can be counter-productive for the brand image as well as the loyalty of the panelists and >their willing to keep on giving us their information.

Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You can learn more about itby visiting the GRBN engagement initiative site.


How are we taking part of this initiative?

Netquest is excited to be a Silver Partner on the GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative. Over the coming months, together with GRBN and other partners (such a standing as Critical Mix, Kantar Health, MarketVision and RTI Research) we will be conducting research-on-research on the participant’s user experience to augment the knowledge we have already built up, and in the fall, GRBN will be issuing a best practice handbook on participant engagement.


Working together for a better participant experience

In the view of the above, we are sure great things are about to happen. You can easily keep up with what is happening on the initiative through the GRBN News website .

This week, the site featured a thought-piece on how to engage participants to share their behavioral data, written by Bruno Paro, Netquest Managing Director for USA & Canada. So don’t pass up the chance to learn more about this interesting topic. If you enjoy it, keep updated by signing up to the GRBN newsletter. By doing so, you will be able to keep abreast of the latest developments on this great initiative (as well as other important initiatives GRBN is working on, including an exciting ROI from Insights initiative), that put together all the great actors that are moving forward together, to drive change in the market research world.

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