MRS Oppies Awards. Tasting the success of a nomination.

When we heard we were selected as finalists for the MRS Oppies Awards (for the ‘Best Data Collection Online’ category), we were so focused on new projects and deadlines that the nomination caught us totally off-guard. It was a big surprise for us!  

I remember the time we took to choose a project for this competition, with hopes that it would be interesting enough, and trying to highlight its features in a short summary. After we submitted the proposal, we became so busy jumping into our next project that we never took the time to imagine the possibilities of being nominated. That is, until the nomination came.

And it wasn’t until that very moment when we realized how honoring it is to be one of the 3 finalists for this competition.

MRS Oppies Awards

Despite how new the MRS Operations Awards are, only three years old, the competitions has already become a recognizable event within the MR industry. This may be due to its philosophy The MRS Operations Awards seek to recognise the vast amount of talent in this vital side of the business, as well as give the ‘unsung heroes’ a chance to celebrate when the winners are revealed”

Best Data Collection Online

Among all the categories for this competition, one stood out to us the most: Best Data Collection Online.

We love online data collection, that’s not big news. Aside from that though, at Netquest, we believe that selected methodology for data collection can be a determinant (as well as data classification) when it comes to generate genuine and quality data.

A quick view into our proposal

We are working on an in depth ebook that will be available to the public soon about the following content. In the meantime, here you have some notes about our proposal, created with the help of Mercado Libre and GfK:

We selected, from the Netquest panel, a sample of people with a declared intention to purchase products from different categories online. The 629 panel members, were part of Netquest Premium Panels, which means that they were previously asked to install a metering software in the devices they use to access internet (desktop, smartphone or tablet).

This meter allows us to collect digital behavioral information. We collect all the URLs visited and the Apps used, when, and for how long. Therefore, we are able to detect visits to e-commerce websites, and also when a purchase was made (confirmation URL).

Through an initial survey, we asked purchase intention, sites they commonly used, brand awareness and perception, and site’s attributes (design, navigability, prices, payment system, etc.).

During the tracking period, each time a panelist accessed one of the sites of interest, he received (the following day, in order not to be invasive) an invitation to take a survey on what he did, and different questions depending on what he did. If he had bought (visited a confirmation URL), he was asked what did he buy, how much he paid for it, his opinion on the process. If he did not buy, we wanted to know the reasons, why did he visit, if he was still considering purchasing in that site.

Another good example on how Data Combination and Behavioral Data can make a difference on many market research projects.

Tasting the success of nomination

Nobody knows who will win. But the  mere fact of being selected is a big honor. Sharing candidacy with those that are driving change means a lot to us. Seeing how our job not only helps our clients, but also brings fresh air to the industry, is an astounding realization. This is the path we want to keep on paving.


MRS Oppies Award.jpg















We’ll have to wait until tomorrow, September the 14th, when the winners will be announced at Revolution, London. Regardless of who wins, we will continue dreaming, enjoying, and forever, working to further our industry.  

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