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Audio matching: A revolution in audience measurement
Have you ever wondered why digital media analytics are dominated by metrics such as page views, clicks, and so on? To answer this question, we have to look far beyond the advent of the internet. Ever ...
July 26, 2022 | Elder Munhoz
High-quality data with behavioral data
One of the most effective ways to collect high-quality data, which makes it possible to learn about customers’ needs and purchasing habits, is by using behavioral data. Below, we will look at some ...
July 11, 2022 | Oscar Trigueros
Five keys to selecting a data provider and maximizing your budget
The data provider for your market research is a core element when it comes to getting good results. Your clients’ satisfaction will largely depend on the quality of the data you deliver to them.
Audience measurement, an asset to reaching business objectives
Audience measurement is essential to meeting a company’s objectives. It is a tool to obtain information about the audience that comes into contact with a brand’s content. Today, companies need to be ...
Behavioral data: High-quality data for a 360-degree view
The days when marketing experts relied only on self-reported data in their campaigns are long gone. To have high-quality data, this data is increasingly being replaced by behavioral data.
April 08, 2022 | Maria García Limón
High-quality data: How to ensure effective market research
The market research industry has recently undergone dramatic changes. To tackle these dynamics, agency researchers (professionals who are part of companies that offer market research services to ...